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The Benefits of Chi Kung

Chi Kung

My name is Nicky i am a Chi Kung teacher and Shiatsu practitioner. I live in Hertfordshire with my handsome builder husband and two fun filled sons.

I love Chi Kung (Qigong).

During my nursing career in London i was stressed, tired and suffering with lung complaints so when i saw a small simple poster pinned to a telegraph pole advertising Tai chi i thought i would try it out. I arrived at a small village hall in North London stood in a grid of people and we started to move VERY slowly. It drove me crazy! I was uncoordinated, confused, distracted and quite frankly bored! However life had set me up well to continue this new pursuit because at the front of the class stood a very gorgeous, strong, pert bottomed instructor. My tai chi journey had begun!

After 6 months of basically turning up and staring at the handsome teacher my health was on the turn around. I was calm, inspired, healthy and taking no lung medication. Now my interest in the actual energy work started and i haven’t looked back. I trained, i studied and then i trained some more.

I fell deeply in love with chi Kung, its poetic ability to unravel a person and knit them back together stronger expressing their true selves. It was pure magic to me. Chi Kung is as old as the hills themselves. Graceful moving forms, static postures, moving meditations all connect the participant to the rhythms of nature, the natural health that breathes in the soil and earth itself. Connecting us to the flight of an eagle and the power of a dragon. Discovering the change of seasons within our own bodies and energy patterns.

I know this will be my life’s work this time around, and maybe the next! I simply can’t stop my love affair with this healing art form. I love the way that you become lost in the movement and breath, letting go into grace as life flows through you. At first it can be clumsy and clunky learning what to do, learning how to stand, learning when to breathe, when to sink, what shape to make, where to put your intention. But when all that work is in the bag you can let go into an endless flow, an ease of movement that can only be described as grace moving into form. Your spirit inhabits your body fully and shows itself.

Chi kung has the ability to save you, guide you and allow you to live to your potential as a human being.This is why i am a Chi Kung teacher and student. It allows my soul to be here in the every day.

What a great job! best wishes Nicky Wallace

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