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Dream Interpreter Psychic and Tarot Readers Waiting for your Call

At Destiny Rising we truly understand the power of dreams.  Often they can feel so real that you feel that your dreams can be trying to tell you something.  Having a dream interpreter tarot reading could help to give you the answers you are looking for and maybe help you to make some important decisions in your life

There are amazing treasures hidden in the unexplored regions of our mind, waiting to be discovered.  We really don't understand how this works and how to uncover these buried gems in our mind. These visions, the symbols, the verbal messages, and the accompanying complex imagery we see in our dreams – they come to us when we listen to our minds instead of our hearts, when we’re so worried about other things that we lose touch with our inner voice. Our dreams bring real answers from deep inside. They map our way to love and happiness.  By connecting with a Destiny Rising psychic reader we can help to guide you.

We always advise to plan for your psychic reading call, write down your dreams in as much detail and consider what you think they mean.  What questions do you have from your psychic reader, how can they help you?  Who or what is in your dream and how do they relate to you current lifestyle.  Your psychic reader will work with you to advise you on your choices and how to make them a reality and how they could affect your future. 

Dream Analysis a Definition

A dream analysis explores the contents of your dreams, interpreting symbolic meanings and representations to reveal your underlying feelings, motivations, and desires. It can help you to learn about subconscious blocks and memories that could be holding you back from the life that you deserve.  A dream is your soul's way way to bring you messages from deep within you.

Dreams can always be interpreted in different ways, when you consider that people come from different cultures that have different cultural meanings. A spider, for example, may symbolise good luck for one person, and bad luck for another. Spider is also known to be the totem animal of writers, and a powerful symbol of feminine energy. The only way you can get the right individual message from each symbol is through personal dream analysis. A dream analysis online will allow you to instantly connect to a dream interpreter and learn about the particular meanings of your own dreams.


Find a Dream Psychic Reader

Common Dream Meanings

  • Animals often represent the part of your psyche that feels connected to nature and survival. Being chased by a predator suggests you're holding back repressed emotions like fear or aggression.

  • Babies can symbolise a literal desire to produce offspring, or your own vulnerability or need to feel loved. They can also signify a new start.

  • Being chased is one of the most common dream symbols in all cultures. It means you're feeling threatened, so reflect on who's chasing you (they may be symbolic) and why they're a possible threat in real life.

  • Clothes make a statement about how we want people to perceive us. If your dream symbol is shabby clothing, you may feel unattractive or worn out. Changing what you wear may reflect a lifestyle change.

  • Crosses are interpreted subjectively depending on your religious beliefs. Some see it as symbolising balance, death, or an end to a particular phase of life. The specific circumstances will help define them.

  • Exams can signify self-evaluation, with the content of the exam reflecting the part of your personality or life under inspection.

  • Death of a friend or loved one represents change (endings and new beginnings) and is not a psychic prediction of any kind. If you are recently bereaved, it may be an attempt to come to terms with the event.

  • Falling is a common dream symbol that relates to our anxieties about letting go, losing control, or somehow failing after a success.

  • Faulty machinery in dreams is caused by the language centre being shut down while asleep, making it difficult to dial a phone, read the time, or search the internet. It can also represent performance anxiety.

  • Food is said to symbolise knowledge, because it nourishes the body just as information nourishes the brain. However, it could just be food.

Our psychic readers and tarot readers are carefully selected to ensure that they offer the best advice to you regarding your dream interpretation.  

What are you waiting for?  Give us a call at Destiny Rising to see how one of our dream interpreter psychic readers can help you with all those matters of the heart today.  Give your life the focus it deserves, you won’t regret it.

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