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Tarot Card of the Month April

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This month's Tarot Card of the month is the 7 of Swords.  This card is from the Minor Arcana and its energy connects with matters of the mind, lessons learned and authenticity.

The theme of the 7 of Swords is scheming, strategy, trickery, resourcefulness, cunning, betrayal and deception.

Relating to relationships - if you are feeling unsure whether you can trust someone around you, this is an indication that your partner or friend could be cheating or lying to you, so this is the right time to walk away from the relationship.

In business and career - this is a good time to lay the foundations for a medium to long term plan creating new strategies. If you feel that someone you are working with is being dishonest and misleading you, then trust your gut as the 7 of Swords very much highlights deception, cunning and betrayal.

In General - make the time to finish any uncompleted tasks, fill in the application form, clear your inbox and to-do list, declutter your home or engage in self discovery and personal development. 

With Mercury in retrograde from 1st to 25th April, moving forward is difficult at this time, so use this  time to go inward,  tie up any loose ends, plan for the future, create strategic plans and work hard in an honest way.. 

It is also a time that people from your past can reappear, ex partners and old friends that you didn’t expect to be reacquainted with.

With April we see the onset of Springtime with blooming flowers, budding trees and fresh vegetation.  Before the new can be realised it is a time to clear out the old.  So spring clean your home and life to release what is not needed for a fresh start.
The period between April and July is an active time when you will have many tasks to complete, working towards a harvest in August when all your hard work will pay off as you see the positive results of your labour.

So be resourceful and make hay while the sun shines!

Ann Stern

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