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Tarot Card of the Month December - The Sun

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This month’s Tarot Card is from the Major Arcana and is the Sun.

The Sun is a joyful, positive and uplifting card.  As the rays of good energy shine down onto you from the Sun, you will feel its warmth and feel nurtured by its positive energy.

The Sun is the manifestation of all that you have been wishing for.  It's the positive outcome that you dream of.  What you desire may not be around you right at this moment but this card is the sign that it is coming to you with unforeseen circumstances that need to occur first.  

The universe works in a wondrous way and the manifestation of what you are attracting right now will come to you in an unforeseen way.

What we can’t yet see is still there so feel positive and happy and know that everything you have been wishing for is coming! 

If you are in a relationship or looking to be in a relationship, this is the sign that there will be a reigniting of passion and love in your existing relationship or that someone new is on the horizon. It is a good omen if you have been unwell then you will be on the road to getting and feeling better and in business and finances this is an indication of success in your career and financial abundance.

Wherever you are in your life, the Sun is a positive sign of good things to come.  

As we enter December, the month of miracles, you have every reason to feel positive about all aspects of your life, no matter how things might appear at the moment!

Ann Stern

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