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Free Horoscopes for April

Welcome to horoscopes from Destiny Rising.

If you are looking for answers, make sure you come back every month to read our latest horoscopes, brought to you by Tony.


Dear Reader, 

My name is Tony and I am based in the UK.   I have studied and practiced Astrology since the age of 12, and still learn new things every day! 


Looking at the cycles of nature, there are many different rhythms around us propelled by the gravities and forces of nature through the planets and the sun that compel and support us to act in certain ways at certain moments. 

Our horoscope is a roadmap of possibilities. When we are born we are like an arrow shot in a specific direction from one place in time and space. If we can understand that ignition point better, it can give us a greater understanding of our origins and our future potentials. Equipped with greater knowledge of where we are at on the circle of life, can help us achieve greater harmony and acceptance of that cycle, and help us find our place within it.


“We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born.” - Carl Jung. 


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Welcome to April 2024! 

Spring is upon us and so is Aries season, having passed the Vernal Equinox. Mercury is about to go retrograde and a major solar eclipse with Chiron colours the month with ideas of self-care and healing old wounds. As the Devil Comet soars through the eclipse, we will see changes in weather, seismic activity, ‘unusual’ world events, and an illumination of the things that separate us from our greater destinies. Through all this, we can find pathways to manifest a more compassionate and humanitarian future. 

From April fool’s until the 24th be prepared to follow an inner dance that will lead you through the looking glass to Alice’s secret world of  magination and manifestation. Mercury is following Loki this year, so be on the look out for those crafty coincidences and synchronicities that point you in new directions, or affirm that the directions you are already taking are in tune with your higher vision!

April’s Celestial Happenings! 
1st April - Mercury goes retro. Time to take a break for a few weeks, to assess goals and work on manifesting those ideas that will result in changes in the coming months. Good time to reflect and mull, but wait til the full moon at the end of the month to start to manifest those ideas and dreams in more concrete ways.
5th April - Sun conjuncts North Node of the Moon in Aries, which will up our motivation, and Venus entering Aries, which will nudge us to turn our dreams into plans. 

8th April - a double dose of healing transits: the total solar eclipse in Aries plus the eclipse conjunct Chiron. Talk about intense, in-your-face healing. Solar eclipses are all about big new beginnings and this one will focus light and awareness on self-healing. Look to the house position of this eclipse in your own chart to discover what area of your life this will be focussed on. You will likely find new beginnings by looking at what motivates and fulfils you – are you doing what you enjoy, and following your inner passion? Much like the declutter expert, Marie Kondo, it’s time to take an holistic look at your life and actions, and ask, ‘Does this bring me joy?’ If it doesn’t maybe it’s time to look with fresh eyes upon that part of your life, declutter the extracurricular activities that have accumulated and look for the Aces in your pack of cards.

On the same day, the Devil’s comet becomes visible next to the Sun, Moon, Venus,  Mercury and Jupiter, during the eclipse. Our innermost shadows, fears and blindspots have a chance to be unfrozen and be brought to light. Our unconscious will expand and relieve itself of unnecessary burdens that will become more obvious in the next week leading up to the eclipse. 

To make the world a better place, and harmonise the assertive and destructive energies of war, represented by the comet in Aries, we need to heal and integrate our shadow issues, represented by the Devil archetype, overcome barriers caused by disparate and rigid belief systems and learn to see humanity with compassion, looking at people as people, loving and respecting their unique identities. (As this solar eclipse is visible over America mainly, we can hope to see some sort of clarity emerge in America as to it’s future, possibly catalysed by some big events 
that affect the continent, both physically and politically.)

This is a fantastic time to question whatever is holding you back personally from living in peace and harmony with he world around you. Take courage form it, and do something to simplify your life, and clear your mind. For instance, clear your mind by giving away unnecessary things to those who are in need. Do some charity work or get involved in a therapy that can help you confront an issue you know you have been sitting on for too long, before it becomes too big to sit on any more. Although the Devil comet has been associated with planetary upheaval in the past, it reminds us with its two horns that you always have a choice. It is a powerful messenger of the potential for new awareness, awakening and 
transformation. The Devil Comet may help to bring forth more joy, love, benevolence, and compassion if we choose to watch carefully. 


11th April - The Mercury cazimi will bring some clarity, thankfully. 


19th April - The sun enters Taurus, helping us focus on practical outcomes stability and security. Doing what you can to stay steady will be key. 
21st April - Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, highlighting ways that we can work together to make the world a better place. The fact that the planet of invention conjuncts the planet of expansion in the earth sign of Taurs could point us to more ways to work with alternative energy hat benefits the world’s ecosphere and ways that nature can be supported to help heal herself, and come back into balance. The comet comes to its closest point to the sun today before it heads back out into he galaxy, so be prepared for the things that were ignited on April 8th  to find some forward motion or conclusion on this day.

23rd April - the full moon in Scorpio will prompt us to dig into our emotions and reflect on ownership, and regeneration. Maybe a good time to check that you have made your will or updated it. 

24th April - Mercury stations direct. Phew. 

29th April - Venus enters Taurus, which will make us assess our deep desires, and focuses us on physical therapy, massage, aromatherapy, artistic self-expression, and attuning with our sensual side, preparing for the rites of spring as we approach May 1st, Beltane!

30th April - Mars enters its home sign, Aries. This is a great moment to hit the ground running, using all the plans you’ve been working away on. Everything you learnt this month is going to come in handy. Definitely a good time to catch up on lagging keep fit programmes and goals. Even better if you can keep fit whilst helping the planet in some practical way with planting trees or doing a neighbourhood litter picking activity! Passion is definitely rising as we prepare for Beltane!


April Horoscopes

21 March to 19 April
You have a lot going on, Aries, and an opportunity to transform and rise like the phoenix. This won’t come easy, but who else can do it other than the warrior of the zodiac? Especially during your solar return (birthday) – Happy Birthday, April Aries! The Mercury Retrograde will make things somewhat introspective, causing you to look inwards and reflect more than usual. You may need to take some time out to avoid burn out. 

On 8th April the solar eclipse in your sign signals big changes in your life for the next year. On the day, take it easy. This eclipse will be deep and intense, energywise, so this is a time to reflect, let go and rest. Afterwards, prepare for a season of unexpected shifts and opportunities – don’t let them pass you by. The presence of the comet in your sign will definitely ignite something new for you, so be very awake and aware to everything that happens int he day or two either side of this moment, and be still and listen…

20 April to 20 May
You’ll feel a pull to understand the hidden and unspoken in communication and listen to your inner voice. You’re in an investigative mood in terms of delving into your own psyche and uncovering hidden gifts and healing past wounds.On the 19th, Taurus season begins – happy birthday, Taurus! Although the retrograde may be pulling you inwards, and this could be a little frustrating, this will bring inner growth. Face the changes head-on and make tweaks where necessary. 

Towards the end of the month, you’ll be looking more deeply into your relationships. Something’s not working and you’re ready to let it go. Turn towards self-love at this time. 

21 May to 20 June
April will also be a good month to resolve any internal roadblocks for your longterm goals, especially within your friendship groups and any societies or groups you are part of. Is there a reason you aren’t going after your dreams? Are you scared of failure, or even success? Make it a priority to reflect on your aspirations and what’s been holding you back in the coming weeks. Once you have that clarity, you’ll find moving forward so much easier.

Taurus season from he 19th might leave you feeling a tad overwhelmed. Know that it’s OK to take some time to yourself to get introspective. And don’t hold on to anything that’s no longer serving you – now is a good time to let go of patterns that have overstayed their welcome. New friends could be on the horizon to reflect these inner changes.

21 June to 22 July
Career and aspirations are highlighted this month, so make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s at work. Take time to do things well and  thoroughly and allow yourself to be a great example. There may be many eyes focussed on you at work, but don’t worry. They are there 
to make sure you’re the right fit for a new opportunity. 

Situations will be thrown at you in the workplace that may test your balance and response. Stay calm and true to yourself. Hone your skills in showing your best empathic and thoughtful self during this month’s shenanigans. 


Towards the end of the month, you’ll feel an itch to step out of your norm and experience new things. What entertained and energised you previously isn’t clicking the way it was before. That might feel uncomfortable at first, but embrace the chance to do things differently. You might discover something wonderful.

23 July to 22 August
Ooh, Leo. This month is going to be a real journey of self-discovery. You’ve relied on your cheerful disposition to keep trucking along, but your energy is running out. Now you are feeling a need to go to the green room, take off the make up and really reflect. 

Lean into that desire – going deep can be frustrating, at first, but so beneficial long-term. The powerful solar eclipse on the 8th will ramp this up, unearthing some wounds that may need to be healed and worked on. You’ve been telling yourself these issues have been addressed and resolved, but that might not be the case. There’s still work to be done. Be gentle with yourself. 

At the end of April, you’ll be ready to let go of some baggage. As a result, you’ll enter May with renewed hope and optimism. 

23 August to 22 September
You’ve got a lot on your mind this month, Virgo, and you don’t feel ready to talk about it. With Mercury, your planet, in retrograde, you’d rather keep it hush-hush for now. You’ve been feeling the transformative energy around you rerouting you to new directions. A tad uncomfortable at times, but, you are Virgo – there is nothing that revised routines and healthier habits can’t help! You’re just getting ready for the task.

However, there are times this month you’ll need to dig deeper to get to the root of the problem. The eclipse on the 8th will show your inner motivations more clearly, revealing the places within you that give you a sense of passion and excitement. Let yourself believe that good things can happen and stop holding yourself back with self-limiting beliefs. If you aim for the ceiling you might hit the walls, but if you aim for the sky you might reach the stars.

As the sun enters Taurus, you’ll feel more self-believe arising. Make this a month of empowerment, of honing your routines to feel like your best possible self. It’s a good time to shake things up a little; seeing a new perspective can be uncomfortable but will prove immensely helpful in your journey. 

23 September to 22 October
Brace for working on all your partnerships and relationships this month as the planets aspect your seventh house of ‘others’! Whilst you might expect delays to negotiations and contracts, people may be tardy and appointments missed due to unexpected delays the key focus this month is that solar eclipse with chiron on the 8th of April, causing you to reflect on past relationships and do some therapeutic healing work on healing old wounds and self-care, to clear the way for new beginnings.

You’re the peace maker as ever, Libra, but your patience might be tested a little this month. The way through this? Keep an open mind; do your best to clear up confusion and don’t be thrown by delays… everything happens for a reason, and maybe things are slowing down so that the right choices can become more obvious later on!

If that irritation morphs into an itch to break free, try not to make any rash decisions. However on the plus side, you will find more energy to make spit second decisions coming from your partners (in business or in love) and having a conversation with others can help you both see positive ways to move forward by the 24th. Ponder on what’s going on, internally, that might make you want to make changes. As the month goes on, you’ll find it easier to open up. 

23 October to 21 November
Usually your vibe is all about being unflustered and in control of things. This month could challenge that. Situations at work and with any people you support, could focus your mind in ways that show where a change could be useful. 

The best way to deal with any tense situations this month? Slow down! What can you do to restore your inner balance? How can you adjust your routine to better handle the ups and downs? Make ‘tranquillity’ your focus word for April.

Towards mid-month, you will focus more on important relationships in your life. Your mind is on some issues at home, with your family or some personal emotional frustration. Scorpio, you can’t avoid dealing with this situation. If you’re having a hard time working through this, do that thing you rarely do, ask for help. 

22 November to 21 December
You’re in the mood to explore and have fun this month, but with a reflective focus. So maybe you will take a break to go to a tropical paradise or book yourself on a meditation retreat that takes you on an inner journey. Go for it! Try new things, follow your interests and do what brings you joy!
Be considerate of others this month. Your way might be the way for you, but others have their own paths to tread. Compromise and collaboration are key. 

Remember, Sagittarius: it doesn’t always have to be your way or bust. There’s room for everybody to win! The full moon towards the end of the month will bring situations that have been under your nose to your attention. Don’t be alarmed: tune back into the routines and rituals that keep you steady and remember the end goal. It’ll all be worth it when you get what you’ve been hoping for. 

22 December to 19 January
Home life is a focus right now, perhaps due to some planned changes that have been brewing. Moving house? Making renovations? retrofitting your home to make it more comfortable or stylish? Ironing out any bumps in the road, with noisy neighbours, challenging house mates or riotous children may also be issues you need to deal with, at times.You’re going to need to get a bit emotionally vulnerable this month Capricorn and 
talk about your real needs. That might be as simple as being allowed to get on with a home improvement job in the colours you want, or in claiming back some personal space for you.

The solar eclipse will push you on that need to dig deeper emotionally. When the external world is changing, it’s a reflection of inner transformation. Get to the root of your feelings and needs and you’ll notice all the other stuff starts to smooth out – plus, you’ll be better equipped to deal with all the ups and downs. 

As Taurus season arrives, you’ll be ready to let your hair down, have a bit more fun and relieve the stress. Be creative! A touch of spontaneity at the end of the month can bring luck and opportunity your way. 

20 January to 18 February
Communication is going to be a key theme this month. Your words and actions carry great oomph! Work as hard as you can on communicating clearly, but try to give other people the opportunity to do the same. You’ll need to listen this month. You might find yourself involved in new educational or teaching opportunities. Be patient with yourself and others.

On the 21st when your ruler Uranus meets Jupiter in Taurus, you might become involved in a new venture to help the world with a practical humanitarian project or a renewable energy scheme. 

As you communicate with your inner self, and heal from within around the 8th you’ll want to heal your home life and closest relationships, too as the month progresses. There might have been a disconnect there, recently. In which case, Taurus season is a great time to nurture your motivations, inner needs and family.  

19 February to 20 March
Pisces, you’re so great at going with the flow, and in tune with the higher mystical or artistically creative energies, but this month’s eclipse and chiron conjunction on the 8th will help ground your inspirations and draw you to routines that are productive and empowering. Heal your relationship with possessions and abundance if that needs sorting out, and go for any new exciting opportunities. It’s time for you to accept that people grow and change – including you. Do you doubt that you’re ready for big things? Do you worry you’re not worthy? 

April will be a moment for you to realise you are equipped for it all and that you can manifest the talents and gifts you need to take the next steps with grace and ease. Once that realisation hits, security can settle in. Let yourself believe in your ability and good things will happen. The 11th is looking like an especially great day for big ideas – take notes that day, especially! 

As the month progresses, think about ways to integrate this new mindset into everyday life. Communicate with others about your ideas and do it comfortably. Connecting with like-minded people will make this process super enjoyable

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