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Angel in My Garden

angel in my garden

In the still dark moments of the early dawn

There lay an angel upon my garden lawn

In the stillness of the break of day

She said that she had lost her way

It was because that night I couldn’t sleep

I had gone into the garden I love to keep

Beauty and peace filled with all my happy shrubs

Fruits growing on a patio filled with tubs

She said “I’m on a mission sent from Heaven

To find the perfect garden and those at number seven

There is no number on your gate

And next door says number eight”

I said “I know who lives in that house

A miserable old man and his disabled spouse

Their garden is filled with weeds”

The angel said “they need my loving seeds

She gave me a packet and said “Its angel dust”

We went to number seven the door covered in rust

Together we sprinkled seeds around far and wide

And like magic we were both inside

The gentle angel flew around their bed

Sprinkling angel dust around each head

I am sure I saw the old man smile

Even if it was for just a while

Back in my garden we said our goodbye’s

As I gazed into the angels eyes

The sun had come up it was the break of day

I waved her goodbye as she flew away

Last week I saw the people from number seven

She was walking..He was smiling..A gift from Heaven

“We love your garden” the old man said

“This is my wife..first time she has been out of bed”

“Our garden is such a mess

As life for us has been full of stress”

I said “I love to garden and when the weathers fine

Would you like me to help you? I have the time”

I often wonder if she really lost her way

The lovely angel I met that day

But I have no doubt that she was sent from Heaven

So I could help those folks at number seven

Written by Pattie Greenberg….member of JASH and the JPS

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