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This one’s for the girls…well, sort of!


As the title not so subtly hints at, today’s blog is mostly directed at the female of our species. That said, any men taking the time to read this will be doing themselves a big favour, in giving themselves an insight into that most taboo of subjects – hormones!

Now, I’m not saying men don’t have their own hormonal issues to deal with, and some of what I discuss today will be of direct use to them too. Let’s be honest though, most men would agree that the biggest impact of hormones in their lives comes from the changes (and very often havoc) that these little chemicals reek on the women in their lives.

The spiritual and mystical connection to women’s bodies has long been understood. Many cultures still refer to the menstruation cycle as ‘moon blood’, referencing back to the phenomenon of how many women’s cycle would sync with the moon phases and each other. The widespread use of oral contraceptives changed this of course, but many women still use the moon to track their own fertility, and gauge when is the best time to try to conceive (or not of course!).

I often have couples coming into the shop quietly wandering around ‘just looking’ as they say. Engage them in a conversation and I soon discover that they’re actually ‘just looking’ for something quite specific – fertility enhancers shall we say! Since the dawn of humanity there have been ancient rituals performed, crystals used, prayers said, and offerings made, all in the hope of increasing fertility and the chances of creating a new life.

There are a number of things I recommend to aid this. Particularly good for this is the Magnificent Moonstone. With its hormonal balancing energies it is a great choice if trying to enhance fertility, or just to ease the emotional and physical turmoil many women experience both before, during, and after their period.

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, or just trying to get through hormonal ups and down brought on by life, seasons, the weather, or universal energy, creating inner calm is always going to be helpful. If we can release inner stress and anxiety, our bodies are going to be more receptive, our minds clearer. Crystals are wonderful in this respect as they are easy to incorporate into your life and their power to affect our energy and that around us is an ancient wisdom. It is not a coincidence that the mystic leaders of practically all cultures throughout the ages have all used crystals, incense and meditation to reach states of inner calm and universal connection.

The more blue-hued or purple crystals, those that are connected to the third eye chakra, are ideal calming stones. Amethyst is always a popular choice, as it is very effective at bringing in a relaxing energy and enhancing better sleep.

Blue lace agate is another good choice as it’s instantly soothing due to its physical representation of the sea. I have found it to have strong capabilities in calming the mind if you simply hold it, then breath in deeply as you close your eyes.

For those moments when a hormonal dip leaves you spiritually and physically low in energy, a good option is to use uplifting essential oils and incense around your home. Scents with a citrus base, peppermint and eucalyptus are especially energising.

Of course, keeping in touch with the mystical guides around you, clearing the space to let them in, creates an external and internal balance that enhances the body’s desire and ability to function in harmony with its natural hormonal changes, the impact of our environment, and that of universal flux.

Of course, there is a major hormonal upheaval that awaits every woman, that I have not yet mentioned here…Menopause. This omission is not due to my partaking in the seeming need within modern society to keep this topic taboo. Quite the opposite. For this life altering, yet perfectly natural part of life, will form the core of my next blog. From the conversations I hear in the shop it is an area to which many women are seeking to take a more spiritual and mystical approach, a return to the ancient ways to get through it.

Ultimately, whether its coping with periods, fertility, or reaching the other end of both of these, our hormones play an integral role in how every woman faces every day, in how they interact with themselves and those (including the men in their lives!) around them.

As an age old condition of the female spirit, it only makes innate sense to incorporate some of the more ancient knowledge of how to embrace this, rather than always seeing it as something to be endured.

If you are sharing this blog, please be mindful to share the message in its entirety 2019 Dana Morgan/Destiny Rising. All right reserved.

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