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Can a Tarot Reading Help Your Career?

career tarot reader

In these times of change, we are experiencing an increase in calls for tarot readers to provide career guidance. Maybe you didn't realise that a tarot reading can help you with career advice, so we are here to show you how we can help.

When thinking about changing jobs, having this confirmed to you can be a great confidence boost. You could ask a friend or colleague their thoughts, but what happens if they don't fully understand your role? A career tarot reading could be the positive affirmation that you are looking for.

What Does a Career Tarot Reading Involve?

Usually, there are 78 tarot cards within a single pack. Each card relates to what is called a tarot archetypes. Archetypes represent highly evolved aspects of our collective unconscious. We can all relate to tarot archetype symbols since they correspond to hugely important life events and people in our lives. Within a pack of tarot career cards, there are 12 archetypes. The most well-known and frequently referenced ones are the Self, the Persona, the Anima/Animus and the Shadow.

Each has a specific meaning relating to everyday life:

  • The Persona - how we present ourselves to the world, which can be different to how we actually feel.

  • The Anima/Animus - represents the balance of feminine and masculine traits we have and how they interplay.

  • The Shadow - the animal aspect of our personality that controls creative and destructive behaviour.

  • The Self - The bringing together of our conscious and unconscious minds.

Key Facts About Tarot Career Readings

During a Career Tarot reading you will experience a similar start to any other type of tarot reading. Your reader will pick the deck of 78 cards into two piles, known as the major and minor arcana.

Major arcana cards are commonly referred to as the trump cards. There are usually 22 within a pack, and they represent life lessons. They can often be deep and complex, and so, when one is drawn during your career tarot reading, it often sets the scene for your reading.

Minor arcana cards, on the other hand, correspond with what is happening within your daily life. There are 56 of these cards, and they offer insight into how your day-to-day life impacts you and what you can do to move forward and achieve your goals.

In a career tarot, they can be quite significant because they can help the sitter work through some of their conscious and unconscious barriers.

There are four different minor arcana tarot suits, and these are:

  • The Suit of Pentacles - this suit signifies career and wealth, so are the most important in a tarot career reading.

  • The Suit of Sword - these represent how you order your ideas when making decisions.

  • The Suit of Cups - these symbolise your feelings and intuitiveness and can help you to understand if a career move is right for you.

  • The Suit of Wands - these signify your passion, energy and enthusiam, important in any career success.

As practical cards, minor arcana cards are intended to reveal the life lessons you are currently absorbing.

How Can a Tarot Reading Help me to make Career Decisions?

A career tarot reading can give you the chance to reflect on your career, where you are and where you want to be. You should also take the time to consider all the factors that influence you within your workplace and externally.

Here are some of the scenarios a career tarot reading can help:

  • Interview preparation - clear your thoughts and boost your confidence.

  • Plotting a course - are you at a crossroads in your career, tarot can help you to plot a course.

  • Worklife Balance - a tarot reading can give you clarity on the best way to achieve this.

  • Office Politics - how much should you get involved and where should you steer clear?

  • Colleague relationships - build on your soft skills and learn how to nurture your colleagues

If you are ready to subjectively stand back and a objectively examine your career, then you are definitely ready for a career tarot reading. Take a look at our tarot readers and you can search for a careers reader to guide you to making the next big choice in your life.


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