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Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs were recommended by Edgar Casey, pronounced (Kay-cee) for treating many ailments, even those that have resisted other therapies. It is used externally, is gentle and safe and I have found it to be a wonderful healing remedy for the past 30 years and my go-to option for all sorts of things… skin problems, soothing for joints and muscle pain, to reducing swelling after my daughter’s wisdom teeth extractions, as part of the healing regime for healing cystic ovaries, as well as menstrual cramps. My list is quite extensive and apart from all of that I find it so warm and soothing.

It can be used in chronic conditions, gallstones, scleroderma, constipation and other intestinal conditions. But remember this information is not intended to be for self diagnosis of self treatment. Please consult a qualified health professional for diagnosis.

So who is Edgar Casey? He lived from 1877 to 1945 and has been called the sleeping prophet, the father of holistic medicine. He is the most well-documented psychic of the 20th century. Casey gave psychic readings for more than 40 years of his life to thousands of people, while in an unconscious state. He diagnosed illness, revealed past lives and predicted that yet to be. He was born in Kentucky in 1877 and was a gifted psychic from being a child. As he grew up and developed his gifts it became apparent that he wanted to help people and especially children. He would put himself into a sleep like meditative state and connect his mind with all time and space, the universal consciousness. From this space he could answer questions that gave personal insights and advice. Although he died over 60 years ago, his advice and the material that came through in his readings are still in practice today and the material documented in the many books and information written about him. So it is that the majority of his work dealt with health and the treatment of illness. One such treatment was the healing benefit of the use of castor oil. There is still today an association for Edgar Casey, which he himself founded in 1931. The Association for research and enlightenment A.R.E which is based in Virginia Beach USA and is open to the public daily.

How to make a castor oil pack.

You will need :-

Castor oil packing (specially made thick material)

Castor Oil

An old sheet

I large plastic sheet or a black bag

Hot water bottle or heating pad

An old thin towel or a tea towel


Firstly, purchase a good brand of castor oil, cold-pressed and organic. I like Pukka brand, but there are others available. The castor oil packing needed is especially made for this purpose. You may find it at your local health food shop. I get mine online from it’s about £12 for a large piece of packing. Use either a large plastic sheet or a black bag cut down one side to open it flat, plus an old sheet to put over the top and lay them on your bed, this is obviously to protect your bedding and pillows. Depending on how tall you are, the packing should be large enough to reach from your pelvic bone right up to your breast bone and be able to wrap just around both of your sides, usually about 12 x 14“ should be enough. If it’s too large then cut a strip off which may be useful for other areas in the future or just folded over a little. Soak the packing with the castor oil until it’s really soaked but not dripping. You will need quite a lot the first time you use it, so buy a good sized bottle. Have the cling film, thin towel and hot pad or hot water bottle ready next to you, so that you can reach them easily.

Now lay down undressed. I like to add more oil to the skin direct as well, so slather a couple of handfuls all over your abdomen including all the areas I have mentioned, if you have problems with menstrual cramps or ovarian problems, use plenty of extra oil right down into the groin area. Now cover with the oil soaked packing cloth, cover that with a large piece of clingfilm wrapping it around both sides of your body or even all the way around if you can manage to, (this just stops oil from going everywhere) then place the thin towel or tea towel on top and now place the heated pad a hot water bottle on top. It should be comfortably hot but not so that it burns you. Rest and relax for 1 to 1 ½ hours. It can also be used overnight. Please be careful if you are using a heat pad that you do not fall asleep and leave it on and become over heated.

For general detox use and epilepsy the cloth should be placed further over the liver on the right hand side of the body.

Caution: Heat is not recommended with active infections, bleeding, recent injuries less than 48 hours old, or if you have excessive abdominal bloating due to gas. The packing and oil should be used without heat. Do not ever heat the packing and oil in the microwave oven.

When you have finished store the cloth in a plastic bag in the fridge until needed again. It can be used repeatedly. I usually tuck my cloth inside my hot water bottle the next time I go to use it from the fridge, so that it’s nice and warm. Re-soak the cloth again before each use, but you won’t need as much as the first time. Replace the cloth only if it starts to smell rancid or the colour changes dramatically due to toxins being released from the body, but generally it will last for ages. For chronic conditions use the pack three days in a row, break for four days and then repeat. There seems to be some other protocols for the use of castor oil packing, but this is the one I have always used. The others are four days on and three days off, or five days on and two days off. If all of this sounds like quite a process, don’t be put off, once you have done it a few times it becomes much easier and the benefits far out way the faffing!

If you do manage to get castor oil on your clothing or bedding, use your normal washing liquid and some baking soda and that should remove it on a normal wash.

A castor oil full body massage is also a very healing therapy, since it is said that castor oil is white light and able to bring new blood flow and oxygen to the area. I can’t recommend anything to do with castor oil enough, it’s healing, relaxing and really does support the body’s own health fighting abilities, alone or as part of a detox program. After doing a series of packs it is also a really good time to have a colonic irrigation session.

Happy packing!

Dana x

If you are sharing this blog, please be mindful to share the message in its entirety 2018 Dana Morgan/Destiny Rising. All right reserved.


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