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Choose Love by Mandy Venus


We were formed in the heavens and shone so bright, we danced in the light like shooting stars. The jaded ones who control the earth just want to be loved, they just want to be loved and forgiven so they can once again embrace the love and the light that they once were. They want to return to the prime creator, but know that they have been cast down from heaven until they are ready to forgive themselves in their true hearts.

They are in the false light, a dull light where they are imprisoned in low vibrating vortexes of energy, where the movement of light is so dense and so slow that they are paralysed in the field of descent, in confinement, restriction and control. For they are hypnotised and spell bound by a force that is controlling them, a force so powerful that they have become the walking dead. They have no light no love, only fear.

There are many who walk the earth who are innocent and pure in heart, these beings are a constant reminder to the jaded ones, of who they once were before the great separation, where they were cast from the stars of heaven and fell to earth. These beings were of the light, these beings were once said to be a great civilisation who were corrupted by greed and power and separated from the purest love of the prime creator.

By keeping humanity in fear they knew that mankind was not able to receive the love of the creator, so for each deed they created that was not of light, they descended more and more into the dark, where the light became less and the dark became more. They could no longer face the light , so their hearts became heavy and they sunk deeper into the dark where they were no longer able to recognise their true self. And so for many cycles mankind descended into the dark ages, and split the bounds of time on a long and arduous journey back home.

Up until this moment in 2020 the light is raising like never before. The light that has been ascending from the mid 60s onwards, creating waves of change and transformation like never before. As time breaks down and releases it's hold on humanity, so the system breaks down too. No longer tied or trapped to rules of man made law. As humanity starts to synchronise with the natural law and flow of earth, as she breathes in her breath she will unite all human beings back into their heart, for we will once again surrender the isolation and separation we have all been in.

The light sent beings to the earth and the light beings shared the manner from heaven, the bread of life, to awaken humanities memory's and open their hearts to the mystery and secrets long ago buried and forgotten deep in their consciousness. The sacred knowledge was passed down by the serpents, the holders of wisdom and truth, and the deer stag, the medicine of the heart and the divine feminine which consist of gentleness and compassion for the heart of spirit. Magic and alchemy are one and the same, for if you understand the potency and power of the earth and her sacred symbols you understand the magic of natural law, the elements are the power source behind all energetic forces associated with earth and the universe.

As the seeds of light flow like stars deep from the heart of our mothers womb, the sleep that humanity was once in is now over, the empress is here, the great divine feminine is in full power and we will see and feel her light, her love, her sweetness and joy like never before.

The divine feminine has always been and always was and is here and now, only our perception changed to the point where we blinded and separated ourselves from love.

So choose Love….

Mandy offers Soul Journey Coaching and Soul Vibrational readings.

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