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Chris Gelder Hypno-Psychotherapist

Chris Gelder

I call Chris the no nonsense therapist, he’s very down to earth and doesn’t cost the earth! He doesn’t just use Hypnotherapy in his sessions, he has many other modalities that he uses if necessary.

He’s in Lancashire but works on Skype with clients just as effectively.

If you have issues that you’ve been putting off, or lock down has brought issues to the surface that you would like to deal with, I highly recommend Chris.

About Chris Gelder (from his web site)

My official title is Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist; however my real role is in helping people release the emotional blockages that are creating problems and issues in their lives.

It's these emotional blockages that set our false and self limiting beliefs.

To find out more about the stages and process of change, have a look at the 'The process' and the 'F.A.Q' pages on my web site.

I have referrals from other therapists as well as referrals from doctors and counsellors. They've referred clients over to me when they have had deep rooted emotional problems and have been unable to work with the abreactions that these emotions cause.

So, I'm often referred to as the 'go to therapist' when clients have no-where to turn, and I'm here to help you get rid of whatever is holding you back, so that you can move forward.

With over 15 years experience in personal development through a variety of roles as manager, consultant, trainer, hypnotherapist, mentor and coach, I have helped countless individuals achieve their true potential and overcome life’s toughest issues.

I am registered with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC): a register that was set up with Government funding and is supported by the Department of Health. This independent mark of quality is your assurance that my qualifications and professional standing have been independently checked and verified by a Government backed register.

Personal Statement

I believe that we are all individuals, we all have hopes, dreams and fears, and as such any form of therapy should not be a "one size fits all". It has to be tailored to you the individual because we are all different and unique, we see the world from different angles, and as such we should all be helped in a way that complements and celebrates our uniqueness.

Because of this belief, my promise to you as a therapeutic practitioner is that we will use whatever is necessary to help you achieve the results you want and deserve. What is important is that it'll be based on discussion and an understanding with you.

Should you have any questions about hypnotherapy or the any other form of therapy and how I can help you achieve the change you want, then please call me on 01772 439046 or 07986 475743

Or go to my web site for further information


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