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Finding Love in Lockdown with Tarot

As #loveintimesofcorona continues to trend we thought we would explore love and tarot this month. Phone tarot reading for love are one of our most popular requests at Destiny Rising. So while we are in lockdown how can a tarot reading help your love life? As

If you are looking for love, you might feel frustrated at not being able to be out there and meet people. So why not take your search for love online? There are so many dating apps out there for all different ages and needs, there's nothing to hold you back. But, if you are looking for 'the one' could a phone tarot reading help?

We always advise that you write down your questions before calling one of our tarot readers. With this time of isolation and reflection, this is a great time to review what you really want from your next relationship. As you will need to rely on online chat and phone calls until the lockdown is lifted, why not ask a tarot or psychic reader how you can identify the right type of partner for you. Analyse different personality types, who to go for and who to avoid! Just think how much time this could save you in the long term, helping you to hone down to the right type of partner for you.

A tarot reading can also flag up things that have happened in your past and give you the tools to overcome any issues to help you in your future quest for love.

So what happens in your in a relationship, but not isolating together, how can you keep the relationship going? Are there frustrations with that partner (no not those ones!), that you need help overcoming? Is this a relationship worth pursuing and keeping the momentum going. A tarot reading can help you to review your relationship and asses its future potential and how to take it forward. It can also give you the clarity you may be missing in ways to make your relationship stronger in this difficult time.

Then on to that chestnut of isolating with your partner. How's that going for you? It may be going well and that's brilliant, but what happens if you are struggling? Why not call one of our tarot readers who can help you through this difficult time of love in lockdown. A tarot reader could look back and help you remember why you fell in love with them. Or, maybe give you some insight into things you can consider to strengthen your relationship.

So, what do you need to do now?

Simply find out how to call us from our homepage at There are various different options for call charges depending on how you are paying. Once you have thought about the questions you need answering in your tarot reading, give us a call and talk to one of our amazing phone operators. They will talk you through what you want to gain from your reading and find the best psychic to answer your questions. Our operators are amazing, but the better prepared you can be the more they can help you. Also, you can opt for a recording of you call, so that you can review the reading to gain more benefits from it.

We look forward to receiving you call and stay safe.

Dana x


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