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Focused Life-Force Energy

life force energy

Hi everyone, this might be very helpful to you all right now.

I have had this running in my house for the last year and I can say that I’ve noticed a difference in so many ways. Have a read all about it. You can have a fifteen day free trial (no payment details necessary) .

What is it? A positive energy field that raises the consciousness of your space, and gives you more energy for your life, with subscribers in 49 countries around the world. Supporting you in co-creating a more nurturing environment.

To expand your consciousness. + To sleep and meditate more deeply. + To boost your body’s natural healing ability. + To increase focus, concentration, creativity. + To energise your living/working space.

What is FLFE? Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a technology that creates a high-consciousness field. It recreates the feeling and benefits of high-consciousness sacred places. You can enjoy it in your home and business every day, and with FLFE Everywhere you can take the high-consciousness field with you as you travel.

Focused Life Force Energy Home, Business, Nonprofit and FLFE EVERYWHERE subscriptions are monthly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions that give you the FLFE high-consciousness field with all of its benefits, access to consciousness raising technologies we develop, and inclusion in the growing FLFE community.

How does it work? The FLFE System activates a high-consciousness field anywhere. Much like what can be found in places of worship or in pilgrimage sites where the focus of the teaching are love. A high-consciousness field has positive energy and life benefits from it. The consciousness of a place can often be felt by a person, for instance, at an old battlefield or in a cathedral, mosque or synagogue. You can create a field yourself with focus and a positive intention. First, the FLFE System redirects and focuses life-force energy. Life-force energy (Also known as subtle energy, chi and prana) is a universal energy found throughout the universe. This positive energy is focused in a location within a FLFE device. This is similar to a person sitting down and moving into a focused meditative state in preparation for sending a prayer, reiki or sending a positive intention.

Next, a unique identifier is introduced into the FLFE System, such as a legal address or coordinates for a property, a cellular phone number for a phone or a high-resolution photograph for an object. This is similar to a person holding in mind the person or place where they are sending a prayer, reiki treatment or positive intention. We believe that the person with a positive intention and the FLFE System both activate a field at the person or location instantly anywhere in the world.

The FLFE System next uses FLFE Programs or instructions to specify the characteristics of the activated field, such as the level of consciousness of it and the positive intentions in it. The activated field becomes a high-consciousness field. This is similar to a person holding a positive intention, emotion or prayer in mind, which affects the field they created at a place or person in the previous step.

To find out more and have the fifteen days free trial, go to :- Much love Dana x


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