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Public Crisis – Jeremy Clarkson….


I am Eve the Astrologer with Destiny Rising. I hope to keep you up to date with what is happening in the heavens and how it is affecting all of us.

Today I am concentrating on Jeremy Clarkson from the show Top Gear, as he is in the news at this time.

It is interesting to look at someone in the public eye who is going through some sort of crisis and then look at their birth chart to get a different angle on what is going on. Jeremy is an Aries with his Moon in Libra. At this time he has Uranus and Pluto making difficult aspects to the Moon in his chart.

With Uranus you can expect sudden unexpected changes. Pluto has a powerful effect and transforms the planet it touches in a birth chart.

Jeremy split from Frances his wife who was also his agent, after 21 years of marriage in May 2014 as Pluto was squaring his Moon and Uranus was opposite his Moon. These planets are still affecting him today and for some time to come. This shows he will be going through immense changes and challenges on a personal level and when these planets move away in his chart, they will leave him in a very different place than he is now.

With these planets in aspect to his Moon in Libra (the Moon in Libra very much needs a partner to stay in balance) he could be going through a great upheaval in his emotional life. Now we can understand the emotional turmoil he is going through and what is causing him to vent his anger in his outspoken ways. Beneath the bravado he could be feeling very confused and lonely. These planets can bring up the emotions he felt as a child.

What is interesting looking at his chart, is he has a very spiritual/mystical side to him. He may be in denial, or trying to ignore it as he wants to appear as the macho man.

It is easy to see with Numerology that he is born on the 11th which is a master number. This is not an easy number to live with and he may have had a difficult childhood as he was so sensitive. The 11 is very aware and sensitive and can be very emotional and temperamental.

Also if you add up his birthday 11+ 4 + 1960 = 1975 = 22 this is his life path, another master number. With this number enormous power is available to him to produce on a significant scale, for the benefit of humanity He can be aware of the forces within him, aware also of the nervous tension that accompanies these forces. He can spend his time grappling with powers that are difficult to comprehend and use.

Many famous people have these numbers including Oprah Winfrey who was born on the 29th2 +9 = 11 and she has a 22 life path.


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