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Max & Mitch Visit Destiny Rising

Max & Mitch

We were very happy to welcome Max & Mitch along to our holistic shop in Radlett for a psychic reading. Everything is covered in their brilliant podcast. Max is abit sceptical about the world of psychic readings so what will he find out? He is going to experience a tarot reading, a psychic experience and a reiki treatment.

When you listen to the readings you can get a real feel for how our psychic readings work and what you can get out of them. Whether you come into the shop or use on of our experienced online psychic readers.

You can also listen to Dana telling you all about Destiny Rising and the history of the store.

Why not take the time to listen to the podcast, find out more about us and maybe have a laugh too!

If you are interested, why not consult one of our experienced telephone psychic readers?


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