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Moon Bears Update

Dear Gorgeous shop friends, and I mean Gorgeous!

As a lot of you will know we have been collecting second hand spiritual books and receiving them for sale from you lovely lot for probably over ten years now and my thanks is never greater, because during lock down it became even more difficult for the incredible founder of Animals Asia, Jill Robinson to carry on her work to free the animals of Asia and fight for their rights. But she did with the continued help of people like us and obviously many many others.

So thank you for your continued support, please keep coming in to buy our second hand books and donating them! We are only a small cog in the grand scheme of what is needed to keep this charity going, but as always, every book sold is a few more pounds in the bear and other vile dog and cat practises freedom kitty!

Here’s a little video from Jill Robinson about how it all began.

There’s many more videos on their web site and loads of information. I love the ones where you can see these magnificent bears doing what bears should be doing, the lucky ones that, thanks to Jill and her beautiful teams of people have been freed from tiny cages and had surgery to remove the pipes from their bile ducts.

Once again, I Salute your soul Jill and other beautiful souls like you, that spend their entire lives on a mission to change the lives of people and animals on this planet!

With not only the deep deep desire and will, but with the endless sheer grit and determination that it must take to fight with the minds of these antiquated governments!

In this video, Jill took that bear paw in her hand and never walked away!

My love to you all

Dana x


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