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Natural Elements - Natural Skincare

Natural Elements Skincare

Hello all you gorgeous Gods and Goddesses,

As lots of you will know, I’m an advocate of all things natural, free from chemicals and nasties wherever possible. I have managed to source many great products over the years that are eco friendly and work very well.

The only thing that I have always found to be lacking and has evaded me, is skincare products. I’ve bought into several brands over the years, only to find that the claims of purity are actually lacking and also that they have done very little for my skin. Or, were my expectations just too high, without resorting to surgical procedures and Botox. No judgement on those that do, but it’s just not for me


Now, much as I have been reluctant to admit the fact that I have moved through the first two aspects of the Triple Goddess, Mother and Maiden. I have finally come to acknowledge that I have landed disparagingly, but fairly and squarely at Crone! I am, as I type, scrunching my nose up and grimacing at such an awful description of this aspect, often portrayed as a HAG! even worse! But in truth, she is the wise one armed with experience and wisdom and embraces all that the goddess has learnt through her passage of time. Which is all very endearing… But I’m not ready to look like one! I’m all about looking after the inside and yes it definitely will influence our overall glow on the outside, but I still feel a little help with our skin regime will not go unnoticed, so… The Ageless Goddess, which I prefer to HAG! has been on the case once again, seeking to source the best magical skin potions out there, whilst retaining natural ingredients in all of its elements, and I’m extremely excited and pleased to say that I have finally found the Holy Grail of skincare products. And Oh my goodness, it really works! Not only is it completely natural, it’s naturopathic; the alternative scientific art of botanical healing and prevention of ailments. You get more than just beauty products and ant-ageing from this lovely company, you get health and wellness in the process of looking gorgeous. In addition these products protect from UV

damage and pollutants.

Finally I can see a remarkable difference in my skin in so many ways. The products are amazing, their ethics mirror my own in that they have pure respect for the planet, and they really care deeply about what we are absorbing into our bodies through our skin. They can more than back up the effectiveness of their products as you will see by browsing the information on their web site.

Initially I introduced myself to their products by purchasing their samples, which were free (yes, free!) you only pay the £4.99 postage. Therefore you don’t ever have to splash out for a full sized bottle or tube, only to find that it doesn’t suit you or doesn’t do what it says on the tin and then sits in the bathroom cabinet for five years before you decide to throw it away, because it

was so expensive!

I saw a visible difference within the first week. I noticed that the fine lines around my lips were definitely not so evident, in fact I got my magnifying mirror out to double check and yep, it was true. I also noticed that my skin looked hydrated and fresher and more even-toned, rather than my usual sallow complexion, before my usual thin layer of blush. I quickly recommend it

to a few family and friends, who also sampled it, loved it and are now using it too.

It improves skin tone, improves fine lines, tightens and feeds the skin. I have become an absolute advocate of this company. It’s all about plant oil extracts that seep deeply into the layers of the skin, nourishing and encouraging collagen production. As opposed to creams and lotions that just sit on top of the skin surface, maybe do something, but not really enough to make a remarkable difference.

I’m certainly no skin expert. All I know is that this beautiful Elixir works! And you only need a tiny amount for each application, so therefore it really is excellent value for money. I also know that Birmingham University showed that in 2019 that these particular products contained the highest levels of the main compounds for anti ageing out there. Who would have thought that pure

plant extracts would outshine the mainstream brands that cost not only a small fortune, are full of chemicals and actually do very little.

If you decide to go to their website and have a look around, you’ll be able to read all about the company, the incredible ranges on offer, not just skincare for your lovely faces, but body and hair too.

You’ll learn how and why they work so very well. You can also take advantage of the samples to try it out for yourself before purchasing the full sizes if you would like to. If I was a betting goddess I would lay money that you will! Lol. If you need any help you can call call them and have a chat about your skin concerns that you may have. I have spoken with both John and Karen the founders and found them to be so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

They started this company 1998 pioneering formulations using only natural plant extracts. Between them they are a fountain of knowledge in anti ageing, skincare problems, sensitive skin etc. They have developed products for rosacea, spots and acne, eczema and psoriasis, severe allergies, and menopausal skin and of course anti ageing.

John is a bio-gerontologist and anti ageing dermatology specialist working with universities and following the research of the worlds leading scientists in longitude of life and anti ageing with how to improve human health and well-being as we age.

Karen is a total expert in skincare, formulating products from botanical ingredients. The joint understanding has produced products which are hugely effective, even impacting on many ailments that modern medicine has failed with and can be used by people with the most sensitive of skins. They are hugely passionate about helping people, our environment and are leaders not followers in everything they do. I love the line they use at the end of their bio…

It has taken us a long time to build our business here in the UK but we mimic the plant world in that ‘The Biggest Strongest and best plants are the ones which take the longest to grow‘.

I love this company and their products so much that I have decided to become affiliated with them because I want to share these oils with everyone, especially us ageless Goddesses! So if you go to the Natural Elements website and if you decide to purchase any of the ranges you will get 10% off at the checkout using the code dana10.

I hope that you will find all the benefits from these gorgeous natural oils that I have been loving for the last few months and - go pamper your gorgeous self!

All the love❤️Dana x


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