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New Moon in Virgo

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Today (17th September) we welcome the New Moon in Virgo 2020.

If you want to start something, new you’ll want to be sure to do it shortly before or after the Sun aligns with the Moon. New Moons are marvellous for fresh starts and new beginnings. This one favours cleaning, decluttering, and creating divine order. If you've not already done this in lockdown, now is the time to start. Whether it is in your home or your mind. Prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead.

This could be the perfect time to book your online tarot reading with us, to enable you to fully harness the amazing powers of this Cazimi, potent new moon. Before you call us, why not have athink about what you want to clear up in your life, or begin something anew. Start with a full clear out and lay the ground for new things to grow and flourish in your life.

Virgo rules health so this would also be an ideal day for giving your current regimen a complete makeover. Are you looking to start that new diet, build a fitness regimen to take you through the winter, or start planning your garden for next year? This moon has the power to take you through to achieving your goals, intention setting is the key here.

Did you know that Virgo is associated with acts of service and kindess? In these difficult times and sense of community and looking out for others around you has never been more important. The New Moon in Virgo says: start today. It’s never too late to take care of each other and the planet.

Care for the planet is a something to really take to heart. In these times of forest fires and pandemics, our planet is crying out for some tlc. What can you add to your daily regimen to help the planet?

Whilst the new moon is entering, did you know that a Moon-Saturn trine could signify the time to get your house in order. A grounding, stabilising influence kicks in, which means intentions set at the New Moon have a chance of sticking.

Whatever your goals and intentions in the powerful time, we are here to support you with an amazing team of phone tarot readers. Take the time to harness this powerful new moon to set your intentions and more importantly achieve them. At Destiny Rising HQ we have started a new yoga practice, so will definitely be harnessing this power to follow through on our goals for improved health and energy.


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