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Tarot Explained - The Emperor

The keywords here are power, leadership, father figure, authority, the paternal figure that gives structure, creates rules and Imparts knowledge.

When this card shows up in a reading it is representing the masculine principle. There he is, a stoic figure sitting on his throne, adorned with the heads of four Rams, which represent his astrological sign of Aries. In one hand he holds an Ankh scepter representing his right to rule and the symbol of life. In the other hand he holds an Orb, a representation of the kingdom that he rules over. He wears a long beard that signifies his vast experience and the time it has taken to learn about what it takes to establish his power, authority and keep order in his kingdom to benefit his people.

In the background there are Baron mountains which denote his determination to achieve great heights of leadership. He rules with strength, force and true grit!

The Emperor tarot card is connected with Mars and is ruled by Aries (leadership and initiative) and is known as the warrior planet. It’s energy is that of energy, courage, activity, sexual powers, and protection. The Emperor is an authority figure, he creates solid foundations for others to build upon. He is the head of the household, the director of companies, organisations or communities. He brings order by logic and not by intuition. This card is telling you it is time for self control and discipline and possibly even a new start.

The Emperor is calling you to be assertive and not feel that you have to justify yourself. You need to stand up for yourself. This might be the time when you need to create structure to aid in the advancement of a project or goal. Protect your dreams. The Emperor is the complete opposite to the softer energy of the Empress. There she sits relaxing in her garden spreading her love and peace around her serene surroundings, which only exists because the Emperor protects its borders for her to do her work.

Within us all there lives the Emperor and Empress. A balanced blend of both of them is vital to be a nicely balanced person, whatever gender we are. If one of them is lacking in our persona, turmoil can result. Both energies must be respected to gain balance. Too much of the Empress can lead to being a passive victim or a doormat! Too much Emperor and a rise in aggressiveness could be evident. So you can see that the balance between the two is the best recipe for a secure harmonious life. So the message here is that you are highly likely to achieve your goals and succeed if you display some confidence and organisation. You need to learn from the past. Don’t listen to others around you who are indecisive or meek, they will just slow you down. Move on without them using some tact and diplomacy, so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. But this is not the time to procrastinate,

It’s time for action!

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Dana Morgan


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