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Tarot Rituals and the Moon Cycles

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

With the latest passing of the full moon on the 13th October we often see an influx of callers on our phone tarot and psychic reading lines, looking to take advantage of this spirtual time. If you have missed the full moon have you missed an opportunity to take advantage of the lunar vibes? Will your pscyhic reading not be as good? In a word no!

Obviously the moon has a powerful effect on us humans, as it influences the tides it has sway over us too being over 60% water. It's important to recognise this and to humble ourselves to the moon and honour its cycles. The full moon is a time of emergence and inner transformation, but by holding on to committing to a reading until these times you are holding back from your life changes.

When you have the need for answers phone tarot readings are there waiting for you. Plan your tarot reading carefully and think about the answers that you need. Don't worry about where the moon is, as the issues will still be there in the weeks to come and could have gotten worse, meaning you lose your clarity on resolving them.

Or you can take the thoughts and questions around this full moon and plan them into a tarot reading for the next full moon on the 12th November.

As we have said the moon powerfully influences all our lives, so here we consider how the different phases of the moon effect us and our psychic readings. Worth considering when you planning your next psychic or tarot reading.

As the new moon is considered to be a time of new beginnings and re-evaluation, you could consider asking questions about a new relationship, a career change or moving to a new place. We have a team of phone pyschic readers skilled in all these areas. Simply call our booking line and they will be able to guide you to the right psychic reader for your question.

When the moon starts to wax towards the full stage this is a time of growth and development. Here you can focus on the things you already have in your life, do you want to continue in your education, have another child or improve your home? The important element is to take time for yourself and really consider your needs.

The full moon gives you widsom and is considered a magigcal time. A great time to take advantage of intuitive abilities and look at issues related to spituality and personal development.

As the moon starts to wane, this is a time of inner cleansing and eliminating things from your life. What can you live without, do you need to move on from certain situations, what is holding you back. A reading at this time can give you great clarity on how to move on in your life.

To discover more about the best time and reader for your needs, call us on 0800 067 3617 to pay by credit/debit card. First time callers 29p per min for first 10 minutes No credit card charge your phone bill on: 0906 176 3617 £1.50 a minute + network access charge.


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