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The Empowered Woman Course

Please join us on our The Empowered Woman Course, orchestrated and facilitated by Ann Stern. I say orchestrated rather than written, as this course has been carefully arranged by Ann to achieve maximum results, to enhance and empower the very best you.

About Ann

My name is Ann Stern, and I am an NLP Spiritual Life Coach who enjoys building partnerships with clients committed to helping them reach their goals and dreams. I love to support and guide my clients using empowering techniques and transforming self-limiting beliefs by learning new self-supporting practices to encourage them out of their comfort zone toward their dreams.

I had a strong instinct and could predict situations before they occurred from an early age. I was a shy, curious, and sensitive child and always felt spiritually connected. In my family home, we always talked openly about spiritual matters.

By the age of 30, I was experiencing a lot of personal stress and in the search for inner peace, balance, empowerment, and happiness, spirituality became my pathway. I was fortunate to find a local crystal shop that I visited regularly and where I bought books on spirituality and personal development. I also attended many workshops through the shop and joined a Psychic Development Circle. Like my grandmother, I developed as a Psychic Medium and in 2012 I was asked to join the team and began working as a Psychic Reader.

I had always loved the informal mentoring and life coaching that I gave to clients during a Tarot reading. For the past six years, I was also employed full-time in a school, and as part of my job, I would coach and work pastorally with Sixth Form students. During the lockdown, I created an Empowerment workshop and The Meaning of Life Programme. This extra time gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate my life path and my passion for helping people led me to retrain as an NLP Life Coach. I decided to add a spiritual element to my Coaching and pass on this gift to my clients.

Through life experiences, lessons learned, after reading countless books and extensive daily learning and study, I have concluded that happiness is a recipe. It is really difficult to put these ingredients into a specific order because each aspect is as important as the others. However, Loving yourself is the priority so I have put this at the top of the list and I feel it is a good and necessary place to start. From loving you, comes healing yourself.

This women’s course was written by Ann Stern primarily for women. It has not been written to exclude men but more to focus on supporting women, providing a safe place where they can learn, grow and develop. We will discuss topics such as;

  • Being kind and loving yourself

  • Healing/forgiving the past

  • A positive and healthy mind

  • Good self-esteem

  • Independence versus co-dependency

  • Adventure

  • Balance

  • Setting challenges

  • Intention

There are many more topics that will be covered but this is a taster of what subjects you will expect to talk about and learn about.

We will be working together as a team, sharing ideas and fully embracing each area that we work through. I will share ideas and resources and give you notes and questions to work through weekly for the duration of the course. It would be good for you to bring with you a notepad and pen, as you will be journaling to accompany each workshop.

We will make some time during each session (approximately half an hour) for you to discuss and share.

I look forward to meeting and working with you soon.

Ann x

This course will run for 6 weeks fortnightly on Friday mornings from 10.30am – 12.30am

Cost £150. Call 01923 852522 to book your space.

22nd April * 6th May * 20th May * 3rd June * 17th June * 1st July


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