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What is Clairsentience?


As we continue our blog series, where we look at the different types of reading our tarot and psychic readers offer, here we are looking at clairsentience. It's an unusual word and if you are new to the world of psychic readings you might need some guidance into what it means and if it is what you need from your reader.

In essence, a clairsentient reader uses their feelings to see, it's an ability of 'psychic sensing'. A clairsentient reader uses all their senses in a reading to be able to feel your energies and emotions, so be prepared it can lead to very emotional readings. Loosely translated the word means "clear-feeling" and can be considered to be one of the most down to earth of all the intuitive gifts.

The messages that come from a clairsentient reader can come in a different style to another psychic reader, they could be a certain feeling, taste or sound. These type of readings can be very triggering when based on a memory, but it will only happen if you are receptive to the reader.

A clairsentient person, be they a pscyhic reader or not, has the ability to perceive what is not perceivable. You can feel things as well as another person can see them. It is an often overlooked psychic skill as it is harder to define and measure. It also requires years of practice to be able to deal with your feelings as well as your client's and be able to separate them and to make sense of them in a clear reading style.

Clairsentient readers are deeply emotional readers and can often find a reading an exhausting procedure as they are truly giving over a part of themselves to you. They are naturally great at understanding human behaviour and can understand you without needing to spend a great deal of time with you, perfect for phone readings. They are generous humans and will always have your best interests at heart. When you are receiving a prediction, it will be based on feelings too, to will be delivered in a caring and empathetic manner.

You could be reading this, feeling that you empathise with these abilities and find yourself feeling your friends and colleagues emotions more deeply than others, could you be clairsentient? Here's some things that you could look out for....

Do you find being around big groups of people draining? You feel energy from people, so whilst you enjoy being with people, you need time on your own to recharge.

Do you have great instincts about people and places? Do you meet someone new and have a strong feeling about them that comes true, or are your friends always asking you what you think about things or people, because they trust your instincts?

Can you walk into a room and feel what has happened? You are feeling leftover energy in the room.

Does an emotional movie or bad things in the news make you cry? A gift of clairsentience is to feel the energy of what is happening. So you might feel the energy of people affected by a fire or a strong performance by an actor can have the same effect.

Are you sensitive to your work or home environment? Do changes at work or clutter at home affect you disproportionately? Places hold energy and any changes can really affect a clarisentient person.

Do you feel others pain? If you walked past a homeless person could you feel their hunger or pain, or is a hospital visit too much for you?

Do you feel like you are not alone? This could mean that you are picking up the feelings of spirits in their most pure form of energy. They could provide your with valuable guidance in life.

Can your mood change quickly? Does it sometimes happen that your mood changes or you feel stress, anger, or anxiety without a reason? It might be your clairsentience making itself known!

Are temperature variations super clear to you and not others? Do you feel temperature changes when you enter a room, or can you detect cold and hot spots? This might indicate that there’s a spirit or at least a great deal of energy in this place.

If you feel that you may be clairsentient, what a tremendous gift you have. As we have mentioned earlier it is a gift that needs to be harnessed and honed to ensure you manage it wisely. Often this gift can be confused with mental health issues, so it is important to look after yourself and your gift. But having the gift to be able to fully understand others and put their needs ahead of yours is a truly wonderful gift to have in these trying times.

If you feel that a tarot reading with one of our talented clairsentient readers is what you are looking for then please have a look through our clairsentient readers. Or you can call us on the number at the top of the page and we can find the reader that is right for you. As this is a reading style based on your feelings, our phone tarot readers can easily read you and help you with the answers that you are looking for.

Go forward in peace you lovely souls.


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