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Yoga & the Stars: Yoga for Aries Season: Practices for Rebirth & Awakening


The energy we experience during the Aries season has the awe and wonder of childhood - a new journey filled with excitement, courage and creativity. It’s time to reflect on new beginnings!


Did you know that each sign of the zodiac is connected with a different part of the body and psyche and, depending on our sun, moon and rising signs, knowledge of this, and of how the times of the year affect each of our constitutions, can guide us to postures, techniques and living styles that support us to be more in tune with the world in and around us.


So, as the Sun enters into the sign of Aries, - where it will stay until the 19th of April - there are certain practises and foods that are highlighted.


The zodiac sign that initiates the astrological year, at the Spring Equinox is Aries. Aries embodies the philosophical identity of pure being. The aphorism for Aries, is “I am, therefore I am” and points to the spiritual truth of ‘I am That I am’ ‘Tat Tvam Asi’: ‘Thou Art That’.


The spirit of the soul manifests most intensely in the sign of Aries, as the first born of the year, like the buds that desperately burst out into the spring sunshine. Aries is the pioneer, the first spark of individuality. As such, Aries embraces many archetypes of strength such as the Warrior and the Hero. The element is fire, the part of the body is the head, eyes, adrenals.


Aries instigates action, and as such Arians are often initiators of projects. They have the ideas that spark everyone else into doing something useful and Arians are also very good at hands on practical activism, often getting involved because they love anything that plunges them into he present moment with intensity and purpose.


So, at this time of year, the spirit of Aries ignites a spark within each of us, urging us to access our inner assertiveness and courage. In terms of chakras that correspond to the Aries energy, we have the Fire Centre at Manipura, the third Eye at Ajna and the the Crown Chakra of awakening.


The energies that are highlighted through this, empower us to believe in our self and find our own unique purpose, our ‘Svadharma’. It’s time to invest in our life path as well as our self care, and learn to listen to our own unique calling that beckons us on our journey towards the infinite.




The main birthstone for Aries is Diamond, symbolising clarity and inner strength. However in case you dont have any diamonds around, you can try:

Aquamarine for enhancing communication,

Amethyst to encourage calmness and intuition,

Red Jasper for courage, self-love and confidence and emotional balance,

Carnelian for passion, creativity, vibrancy and healing for the lower chakras.




Things that are known to be good for Arians are also good for all of us at this time of year - red foods and foods high in Iron (ruled by Mars).

Try incorporating more of the following this month:


Tomatoes, cherries, blood orange, spring onions, garlic and chives, spinach, black olives, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon and red chilli. The foods help not just because of their colour, but because of what they do. So for example, tomatoes are packed with lycopene that helps repair damaged brain cells, support sexual health and potassium that helps us feel calm, one of nature’s anti-depressants. (Eating a tomato every day reduces your risk of suffering the blues by 52 per cent, according to a recent study.)




When Aries is balanced, we give birth to leadership from the heart, driven by the good of the self as well as the good of the whole. Too little Aries energy can lead to apathy, depression and a lack of drive. Too much of that Martian energy can lead to impatience, frustration and an inability to stop. The key lesson is to learn how to stoke the inner fire without burning out.


Depending on your planetary aspects are aspected in Aries, depends whether the flow of energy this month will be on the creative or the frustrated side. But either way, there are simple things you can do to bring more balance and energy into your life in the Aries month!


Maybe you are an Aries sign, maybe you have some Aries in your chart, maybe you haven’t the foggiest, and that’s fine. These are metaphors that we can all use and focus on at this time of the year when the Aries sun is shining, to help us ignite own inner spiritual warrior!


‘Aries is a fire that detoxes us’


Whether or not Aries is a dominant force in your astrological chart, you can explore the themes of rebirth, leadership, courage, and assertiveness in a way that resonates with your own unique experience.


Yoga for Aries Practice


The following yoga flow for Aries is playful but also filled with strength-building poses and challenging core work to align you with the fiery qualities of Aries. It’s intended to help you tap into your inner fire, embody assertiveness and confidence and take you on a metaphorical journey into self-discovery and personal empowerment. As you embark on an exploration of Aries, embrace the warrior within and integrate its wisdom in a way that feels authentic to you.


Virasana (Hero Pose)

Find a kneeling position and then slowly sit back in between your heels and rest on the mat or a block in Hero Pose. (If you feel pain in your knees, move on to the next pose.) Keep your knees in line with your hips.

Interlace your fingers at your chest to form vajrapadama mudra, also known as thunderbolt mudra. Place your hands on your chest, thumbs pointing up. This hand gesture symbolises vitality and aligns you with Aries’ qualities of courage and leadership. Feel the subtle power of this mudra, focusing on its ability to evoke confidence and assertiveness. Breathe here while you allow yourself to take a moment of stillness while feeling grounded.


Dynamic Camel Pose

From sitting between your heels, inhale as you come to kneeling and lift both arms overhead in a version of Camel Pose. Engage the glutes as you lift your chest and take a subtle backbend.


Then exhale as you sweep your arms back with your palms facing down, lowering your hips toward your heels and bringing your chest toward the mat. Keep the back of your neck long. Repeat 5 or 6 times, synchronising your movement with your breath and feeling its strength-building aspects.


Plank Pose

Come onto your hands and knees, tuck your toes, and lift your knees to come into Plank Pose. Make any adjustments you need as you engage your core and reach through your heels. Imagine your inner fire stoked by Aries’ courage, which connects you to your solar plexus and manipura chakra. Feel resilience and determination as you hold Plank. This pose embodies a peaceful warrior spirit.


Fallen Triangle

From Plank, draw your right knee toward your left elbow. Straighten your right leg out to the left side and lower your right foot beyond the edge of the mat. Roll onto the inner edge of your left foot, reaching your left arm toward the ceiling. Lift your hips, creating a powerful line from your fingertips to your toes in Fallen Triangle.


Downward-Facing Dog

From Fallen Triangle, inhale as you bring your right leg up and back into Three-Legged Dog with your right leg extended straight behind you. Exhale as you lower your right foot to the mat. Lift your hips up and back in Downward-Facing Dog. Take a long breath here, inhaling through your nose and releasing a big exhalation through your mouth.


Scorpion Dog

From Down Dog, lift your right leg straight behind you and bend your right knee and try to stack your hips as you let your right foot dangle behind you in Scorpion Dog, which falls somewhere in between Down Dog and Wild Thing. Continue to breathe deeply, maintaining your strength and presence.


Plank Crunch

From Scorpion Dog, exhale and draw your right knee forward toward your nose, rounding your back and bringing your shoulders over your wrists. Inhale as you straighten your right leg back into Three-Legged Dog. Repeat this sequence, emphasizing the core engagement. As you practice yoga for Aries, connect with the assertiveness and determination associated with the fire sign. Visualize yourself as a capable and confident warrior.


Low Lunge

From Three-Legged Dog, step your right foot forward. Drop your back knee in Low Lunge and reach your arms alongside your ears. Bring your forefingers together, interlace your other fingers, and cross your right thumb over your left. Draw your lower belly in and engage your core. Reach your fingers toward the ceiling as if you’re channeling energy from the earth.

Release back to Downward-Facing Dog. You can take a vinyasa if you’d like before repeating this flow over on the second side, beginning with Scorpion Dog.


Child’s Pose

From Down Dog, ease into Child’s Pose by lowering your knees to the mat, bringing your big toes together, and taking your knees apart. Sink your hips back toward your heels and walk your hands forward as you bring your forehead to the mat, a block, or a folded blanket. This restful pose allows you to absorb the effects of the practice, reflecting on how the energy moves through you. Take a moment to integrate the teachings and wisdom of Aries.


Seated Twist

Transition to a seated position with your legs extended straight in front of you. Bend your right knee and step your right foot to the outside of your left thigh. Hug your right knee toward your chest with your left arm. Inhale and sit tall as you exhale and rotate your chest toward the right, placing your right fingertips behind you, in the seated twist known as Half Lord of the Fishes. Breathe here. Release and switch sides.


Seated Meditation

Come to a comfortable seated position. Draw on vajrapadama mudra once again, if you like, by interlacing your fingers and placing them against your chest with your thumbs pointing up. Breathe here as you contemplate the influence of practicing yoga for Aries and cultivating its confident spirit.


If you want a video follow on for this, there’s a great video here to follow, which takes 15 minutes, suited to our current need for a quick fix, also more common during Aries Season!



With the purging energy of spring, Aries tends to bring more frequent headaches, eye strain, and exhaustion. Maybe even insomnia and burn-out over tiredness. If you’re an Aries or feeling these things during this Aries season, try rabbit posedolphin pose, or if you are a more experienced yogi, try an inversion like  headstand. You can also try gently massaging the forehead and scalp with peppermint  oil.


If you want to fire up your ardent Aries energy this month to supercharge, why not try a hot yoga class. With 60-90 minutes of flowing poses, balances, juicy stretches and relaxation, but a hot twist: the studio heated up to 37°C, you’ll be getting super sweaty (bring a towel to class). With Aries courage, passion and determined nature, you can definitely handle the heat.  


Combining the rebirthing theme of Easter and the fire of the emerging Aries Sun, what better time is there to focus on the Ashtanga Primary Sequence, Yoga Chikitsa, especially at this full moon period this week!


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this sequence contains all of the Aries energy you might need to make the most of the prevailing spring energies this month. And on days that you dont have so much time, you know, from the above, some quick fixes that can help!



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