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Coming of Age

So. The menopause.

As promised, this blog is going to be all about that time in a woman’s life which is still so often shrouded in shame, secrecy, and seen as taboo.

The reasons behind this are many and complicated. Unfortunately, this blog is not the place to go into them in depth, other than to acknowledge that it has not always been the case. The current obsession with youth, it’s connection to fertility, and a woman’s value being linked so irrevocably (and erroneously) to this plays its part. As a woman reaches the menopause her definition within society as the vessel for new life, of burgeoning sexuality and youth, that typifies the vision of female puberty, now diminishes. With the exception of a very few remaining cultures, a woman post menopause has a limited identity. The ancient value placed on the elder women, whose wisdom and experience was often seen to be close to mystical, has all but disappeared. These women used to be seen as integral to a community’s continued growth. They were often seen as almost spirit guides to the younger men, women and children. They were the holders of the secret ways, the vessels for ancient knowledge and magic. When was it ever a young maiden found in charge of the oracle in ancient tales? Rarely, if ever. Menopausal women still had a very important role to fill, a positive identity.

That this is less the case now is not healthy, helpful or honest. Not feeling able to talk openly about what you are going through just exacerbates things. Let’s tackle this taboo head on today!

In my last blog I talked a lot about hormones and holistic approaches to managing them. Much of the information I gave then can also be applied to the hormonal changes wrought by ‘the change’.

However, there are a number of additional natural remedies that I also recommend specifically at this stage of a woman’s life.

Once again, I return to crystals, for their versatility, effectiveness and inherent calming beauty. At this time of immense change for the reproductive system I often recommend using Carnelian. It is wonderful for emitting healing energy, as it balances the sacral chakra, cleanses and clears energy blocks.

If hot flushes are causing problems you’d do well to try Citrine, as it works with sacral, solar plexus and third eye chakras to help ameliorate menopause symptoms and enhance energy.


Mood swings and hot flushes can also be eased with Smokey Quartz. It helps to cool the body, to ground the root chakra. It is also great to help lift your mood.

As with all hormonal imbalances sleep is often one of the main areas to be affected. Lapis Lazuli is particularly helpful for insomnia as it smooths the way for physical transitions.

Many women are affected by their menstrual cycle becoming chaotic and unpredictable. Moonstone is wonderful at soothing and balancing tumultuous hormones and moon blood cycles.

Another possibility is to use Magnetic Menopause Hearts as they have produced some positive results. They are said to work by balancing and regulating the two branches of the autonomic nervous system.

Aromatherapy oils may also be useful, such as Lavender, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Geranium and Basil. These are powerful oils so please ensure that you seek out a certified practitioner to test your skin for sensitivity and to advise on how best to use these oils for this purpose.

As with most aspects of our lives our spirit guides are always there to be accessed for their insight, energy and wisdom. Periods of transformative change such as the menopause can be overwhelming, frightening and confusing. This is an optimum time therefore to get a tarot reading or psychic consultation to get support and direction when needed most.

As with the waning of the moon in its final phase, it is not the end of its light, nor the end of its being. The waning of a woman’s moonblood too, is not the end of her womanhood. It is merely the move to its next phase, to the birth of a new, exciting period of growth and development.

Ultimately the menopause is a normal, transformative phase in a woman’s life. So, let’s embrace that notion, and look to the many holistic methods that there are to help women through some of the less pleasant aspects. Lets also channel the ancient wisdom surrounding the powers of women as they enter this period (or lack of 😉) of immense hormonal, physical and personal change. Time to engage the wise woman in us all.

If you are sharing this blog, please be mindful to share the message in its entirety 2019 Dana Morgan/Destiny Rising. All right reserved.

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