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The Meanings of Aura Quartz

aura quartz

Beautiful Aura Quartz crystals are prized for their ability to expand your consciousness and bring about healing to your physical, as well as spiritual body with their extraordinarily high vibrations.

Aura Crystals are created through a technique which electrostatically bonds precious metals and minerals to the surface of real quartz crystal creating a magical iridescent coloured layer.

Clear Quartz is already an extremely powerful crystal, known as the master healer and an energy amplifier, it absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energies. Quartz is the good all rounder for any condition, as it stimulates your immune and energy systems to bring them into balance. Enhanced further by precious metals, Aura Quartz has additional healing attributions depending on which precious mineral is used.

Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Quartz Geodes or other types of crystals are placed into a vacuum chamber and heated to over 800°C at which point a vapour of precious metal(s) is added, which then coats the crystal and its atoms bond to the surface. There is a risk involved in this process as crystals with fracture lines within the structure do not always survive. The coloured iridescent metallic sheen of the crystal and its new properties are defined by the precious metal that is used in the vapour. The most common precious metals that coat the Crystals to increase their energies and glow with colour are Silver, Gold, Titanium, platinum, Iron, Magnesium, and Nickel.

Each precious metal is then amplified by the quartz crystal that it is bonded to, creating these high vibrational combinations. It’s Magick!

Lavender Aura Quartz.

Quartz + silver + magnesium + Platinum

This combination of magical colours is so joyous to look at. It’s often created on a base of clear quartz or amethyst. It is said to bring about a feeling of wholeness, happiness and joy and enhances meditation and a state of Zen.

When used at your Third Eye or Crown Chakras it brings about feelings of spiritual wholeness. Giving you a sense of child-like wonder, it is also said that Lavender Aura Quartz connects you with the spirits of Nature and beings of the Faery Realm.


Quartz + Gold

This is a beautiful vivid blue crystal.

This crystal holds the key to many forms of empowerment and communication with the self and others. It helps us to feel confident to communicate and speak openly and honestly, so be careful! It allows the Higher Self to come forward. Aqua aura quartz is the icon of the new era of spiritual knowledge.

With this stone in your energy fields you may find that you are evolving spiritually, and you may find that you crave more personal time and space to just be with yourself in silence.

Aqua Aura Quartz releases negative energies from your auric field, relieving you from stress and in turn bringing inner peace. It’s a crystal that steers your mind, body and spirit back on track if you have strayed from the ideal blueprint of your potential. It reactivates a sluggish immune system and shields you from all kinds of harmful rays, pollution and negative people and situations.

Aqua aura enables you to flow with life and to find your own unique path to fulfilment. It stops you merely responding to life and puts you in control of your destiny. It encourages you to take responsibility, to maximise what you can give, and changes the emphasis from measuring success by material wealth to seeking a more ecological and spiritually focused lifestyle.

Aqua aura quartz is a powerful tool in clearing communication barriers and allowing healing to occur. It guides you to speak with optimism and authenticity. It’s a powerful stimulator of the throat chakra. When your throat chakra is under-active you lack the ability to communicate clearly. You may find others cannot understand you or misinterpret what you are saying. People may find you unreliable and inconsistent. Telling the truth and even being honest with yourself may be a challenge and the unclear hesitant messages that you give out may have caused you trouble in the past. You may find that dealing with people on a day to day basis is frustrating and feel misunderstood as an individual, leading to a tendency to keep to yourself more and more over time. Wear aqua aura quartz near your throat each day to stimulate the throat chakra.

When you are not able to express yourself freely, it can start to manifest physically in your body. A sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, teeth or jaw problems, earache, hearing problems, sinus infections, thyroid problems and sore neck or shoulders may all suggest that you are facing a communication barrier somewhere in your life.

​Once your throat chakra has balanced, aqua aura quartz can help you manifest your desires. This stone adds power to your words bringing them into action and physical manifestation. It will break down closed doors, expand opportunities and attract like minded people. If you live in a household that has severe communication issues, this stone can open the pathways again.

Aqua aura quartz also strengthens higher forms of communication. It is good for inspired writing and aiding telepathy.

Champagne Aura

Quartz + Gold+ Iron

Champagne Aura is pale smoky gold in colour and a powerful purifier, removing blockages and allowing inner energy vibrations to become soothed and calm. It also stops negative thinking and repels unwanted energy.

Connecting and balancing the chakras from the Sacral Chakra to the Crown Chakra. It helps to activate and connect the Sacral Chakra through to the Crown Chakra. In doing this, Champagne Aura can help to ground higher spiritual ideas into physical reality. Meditating with Champagne Aura can help when working on an issues that rival between the spirit, mind, heart, and instincts, by resolving the conflict that often occurs. Using Champagne Quartz can reconcile all these different perspectives so that the whole solution is achieved. Carry Champagne Aura Quartz when called to fulfil altruistic purposes.

Tangerine Aura

Gold + Iron Oxide

also known as “Sun Aura” is a delicious orange crystal to awaken and free your spirit. It is used to unlock the Third Eye Chakra and stimulate Chi. A healing crystal to use following shock or trauma.

The vibration of Tangerine Aura Quartz heals and opens a blocked or unawakened Third Eye Chakra and is extremely supportive for spiritual growth. It's an excellent crystal to use after shock or trauma.

It can be used for soul retrieval, integration and past life healing.

It is said to provide healing after psychic attack.

It can take you beyond a limited belief system to a more positive energy.

It facilitates visualisation and provides profound insight by connecting to a higher spiritual force. It also helps clear & focus thoughts to bring a creative solution to problems, grounds spiritual vision and manifests it in your everyday life.

Its vibration helps you to be more responsive and uplifts your spirit.

It facilitates the ability to face life's challenges with composure & cheerfulness.

It can help you to feel more at home in any environment.

Promotes a higher sense of self-worth & is beneficial if you are trying to overcome self-esteem issues.

Removes blocks to creativity and sexuality.

A disperser of dark moods, depression and brings emotional balance to allow your inner beauty to shine through. It's another good crystal that helps attract success and good fortune. An activator that harmonises your Sacrel Chakra and unites and cleanses your three lower Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. It’s a good stabilising link between your physical & subtle bodies.

Revitalises and recharges cell function and said to help with the assimilation of iron in blood.

Angel Aura

Quartz + Silver + Platinum

This crystal holds an extremely high vibration that can be felt to the touch.

It’s a lovely one when we are feeling emotionally stressed, it’s a carrier of joy, happiness and uplifting vibes. It radiates a shield of protection to the aura that provides inner peace and mental clarity. It helps you bring your dreams into reality by pushing you to take action.

This heavenly crystal holds a spectrum of gentle rainbow colours connecting us to other realms and universal insights. It’s all about inner peace and enabling you to listen to your intuition. Another highly vibrational combination of quartz and silver and platinum that helps us feel a sense of deep connection to the divinity of our souls. Angel Aura is such a beautiful peaceful stone that brings such positive energy to get us through times of turbulence and those days when we feel overloaded and can’t find a clear head.

And a great stone to meditate with.

Tanzine Aura

Quartz + Indium + Nobium

Its deep blue colour also seems to deepen your senses, giving you enhanced abilities to perceive the world around you and giving you subtlety in delicate communications. It clarifies your intuition giving you the confidence to follow your instincts.


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