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Time for Some Spiritual Guidance

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

tarot reading

There are many reasons that you may find yourself considering having a spiritual, psychic or tarot reading of some sort.

There may be a direct trigger such as the loss of someone close, the need to find a way to connect and commune with them again.

Perhaps you are at a particular crossroads in your life. Modern life finds so many of us trying to find our way after divorce, bereavement, job loss, children with uncertain futures, a planet in political and environmental turmoil. There is so much pressure to be coping in this ever shrinking, fast paced multi media world. The answer to everything is no longer 42 it would seem, but, don’t panic, it can be found by Google!

There is irony in the internet weaving an ever more complicated web that entangles us all, bringing every aspect of our lives into closer contact and inter-dependency, but in actuality meaning many of us are in fact disconnected from a real sense of humanity.

As a consequence you may find yourself looking for deeper meaning, guidance and connection. That innate sense of knowing that there are other, more mystical, sources of energy to tap into aside from the keyboard or touch screen in front of you.

The ancient skills practised in tarot card readings, connections to angel guides and those spirits who may have insight to pass on, are a good way to get support on this complicated journey through life. The type of reading you choose should reflect what you are hoping to get out of the experience.

Tarot card readings can offer an insight into where you are at right now and provide guidance on what may be in store in the near future. It can you give you the space to reflect on how you approach specific areas in your life, highlight repeated patterns in behaviour, say in your relationships, and enable you to contemplate what the future may bring in light of this.

Angel card readings are often seen as having a more positive approach than a general Tarot reading, and can offer a gentle introduction to the mystical insights available. Our angel guides watch over us and can provide valuable advice on many of life’s complications. They are a valuable source of inherent joy and inspiration.

If you have a desire to connect with loved ones who have passed on then a session with a Psychic or Medium could be a means to achieve this. Hearing messages from those who are no longer with us in this realm can be both comforting and helpful. Gaining a sense of connection and affirmation of an afterlife can be source of deep healing.

It is important with any of these readings to remember that there is the potential to hear things that may not necessarily be what you want to hear, but that the spirit guides and energy you have around you needs you to know.

A reputable practitioner is not going to simply present you with devasting outcomes and leave you to it, but should act as a guide to help you through possible outcomes and difficult situations. A psychic reading is meant to be a positive experience in that it provides support, insight and guidance from sources not usually apparent to all.

Whichever of the many mystical pathways you choose, you will likely find it a peculiarly intimate experience. After all, you are asking someone to tap into your energy, to offer their intuitive visions into the unseen forces that are at play within you, and without you. Asking for help and guidance, at the best of times, often leaves us feeling vulnerable and exposed. Delving into a place of ancient wisdom, so seemingly far removed from our modern technology driven world, can be a daunting prospect. Yet, something deep within still resonates with this alternative knowledge source, drawsus to it inexorably.

I always suggest getting recommendations if you can, in choosing who to go to for spiritual guidance. Ultimately, of course, you should also look to your gut instinct to help assess if it’s the right place and person for you to work with. Here at Destiny Rising I always feel happiest when I know someone is coming to me based on a personal recommendation from someone I’ve previously been able to help.

Perhaps it all comes down to trust, and a belief that there is more to existence than that which we can ‘prove’. It’s time to trust in your own intuition; in choosing to commune with your spiritual energy and deeper aspects; in choosing which method best suits your needs; in choosing the mystical practitioner to share the journey with you.

The truth is out there, you just need to decide how best to channel it back to you. Find out more and how to call our readers on our tarot readers or psychic readers pages.

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