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Valentine's, Galentine's or Singles Day

valentines tarot reading

Wherever you are in your journey for love we at Destiny Rising are here for you.

With the impending arrival of Valentine's or the growing Galentine's or Single's Day, there is a place for everyone. We've all been there on Valentine's Day when we don't have a special someone to spend the day with. So, if this is you, you might want to ask the tarot cards what they have in store for you, to find the love of your life?

Tarot is an amazing tool for understanding the love in your life, every aspect of love and relationships can be reflected by the tarot cards. Whether you are looking for love, in a steady relationship, or things aren't going well. Plus, don't forget the relationship aspect of Galentine's and how you work on your friendships. In these increasingly difficult times, we all know how important our friends are.

When you are thinking about a tarot reading with one of our phone tarot readers, it's always good to have a think about what you would like to get from your tarot reading. Here's some ideas from our tarot readers of things you could be thinking about for a love and relationships reading.

  • What do you need from your life right now, what is your focus?

  • What are you putting out into the universe, is this positive or negative?

  • Could you be doing things to brighten others' lives?

  • Are there things that you could stop doing, that could be sending negative signals?

  • How do you delight and surprise people?

Relationships are so much about positive energy, so by putting lots of love and delight out there, you can welcome it back into your heart.

If you are already in a relationship and are looking to review it, we suggest having a think about what you are both contributing to the relationship and also what you might both be holding back from it. Don't be looking for it to be even as relationships change over time, so please bear that in mind, it's not a competition! Relationship goals are important, so that you are both looking forward. Maybe a tarot reading could be a good opportunity to check that your goals are in a similar direction and you're not pulling in opposite poles? The overall outcome of your relationship is an important thing to consider, do you want to stay close to family, travel the world or more to the coast, hopefully you agree with each other.

In lockdown, friendships have never been more important. However, you may have found yourself feeling more overwhelmed. In alot of our readings we have heard from our clients that they have struggled to connect with some friends and are not sure why. Maybe you would like to review your friendships with a tarot reading? Has the lockdown affected a key friendship, or have your paths just changed and it's time to move on? Remember the phrase 'friends are for a season, a reason or a lifetime'. How would you categorise your friendships and which would you like to celebrate this Galentine's Day? A phone tarot reading could give you the clarity you are looking for.

Whatever your relationship status is this February, celebrate it with a tarot reading from Destiny Rising.


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