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How to get the most from your Phone Tarot Reading

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

If you have never had a tarot reading before, especially one on the phone, where you don't have the face to face connection, you might be wondering how you can go about getting the most from your reading. Here we give you some important advice on how to approach your phone tarot reading.

To get yourself in the right mindset before your phone tarot reading consider this....

If you ask someone a wooly open ended question, what kind of reply do you get? Generally one that doesn't make much sense! When you ask a well thought through question of the tarot cards, you should get a well thought through answer in return.

If your question is too vague, such as 'will I ever find my dream job', it is hard to get the correct meaning from the cards that you draw. Instead, if you ask 'what actions should I take to build my career', the cards can be more reflective and help you to think more deeply about what you want to achieve. You can explore your reading more effectively and keep yourself open to any answers that may appear.

Our number one tip is simply to ask the right questions, but how do you know what they are?!

What are the best type of questions in a tarot reading?

At Destiny Rising we love an open ended question, ie one that needs a bit more of an answer than a simple yes or no. A closed question does not allow for any deep reflection or exploring the situation you find yourself in, they will just tell you what is or isn't going to happen. Not that helpful to help you on your journey of exploration. To ask open-ended questions, avoid starting the question with Will…, When… and Should…, and instead ask What…, How… and Why.

Think why are you asking the question?

Before you ask the question, maybe ask yourself why you need to know this, to really get to the heart of the question. Staying on the job theme, and looking for your dream career, instead of asking 'will I ever get a new job', you could ask the cards to tell you about what your strengths are. For example 'what powers do I possess to take my career forward?' Understanding more about yourself and having better self awareness, could more effectively steer you toward the right career path, it could even be one you haven't even considered before. It could be that you are on the right path already and the cards could point out other aspects of your life that would help you to achieve your aspirations in life.

So, What's Next?

Whilst we are advising you to think about the questions you want to ask the tarot cards in advance, it's always good to have some follow up questions too. These might not be questions that you can prepare for in advance, who knows what the cards will tell you. But, during your reading you should take some time to reflect on what you have been told and continue to delve further and ask more of the cards. So, for example, once your strengths have been identified you could explore more about what makes those strengths so important, or what changes you need to make to align yourself further with this goal. You could look at what changes you could make to yourself and the choices you make. Are you aligned with the right people in your life, are you living in the right location?

Whatever the questions you want to ask of the cards, at Destiny Rising we have a tarot reader for you. Simply look at the list of available tarot readers and call us today on 0330 1140011 to pay by card or on 0905 0058165 to pay via phone bill.

We are waiting for your call.


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