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Angels in Tarot

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As we all know, Angels are a very powerful presence in the spiritual world. If you are blessed enough to have a guardian angel in this life, count your blessings. But did you know that there are angels in the tarot cards?

There are six tarot cards that explicitly show angles. They are in the Major Arcana and are Archangels to be precise, they are Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Michael. Their wings expand through the borders of the cards, with the suggestion of the unlimited, the infintie, beyond the comfines of our everyday domestic lives.

Angels feature in most dominant world cultures and religions and have many different interpretations in modern life. Are they departed human beings, or divine beings sent by God? S

So Who are the Angels Represented in the Tarot Cards?


Raphael is seen as the healing angel and the patron saint of the blind, sick, healing professionals, lovers and travellers. He is also considered to drive away nightmarea and is often depicted as young man holding a flask and/or a fish. The Lovers card in the Tarot clearly exemplifies the love aspect of Raphael’s patronage. However the card is also about his other modalities and can suggest travel, health and healing. It can also signify an important choice to be made or a temptation to be resisted, often putting the two together as a trial of love involving an important decision.


Gabriel is the messenger of God and thus signifies the same in the cards, interpreting messages and dreams. This card is about patience, moderation, and harmony. The blending of different elements brings about a new creation. It asks us to take a view: to view all things sub specieaeternitatis (in the context of eternity). In the vernacular, don’t sweat the small stuff!


Translated as the devil card, but not to be equated with Lucifer. He often does good and is an 'Angel of Presence, but also can be seen as a firey and pitiless angel of the Earth who holds the key to the End of Time. This card asks us to repent or release the attachments in order to free ourselves from limitations and oppression. The chains around the necks of the couple in the card are loose – they could lift them off if they really wanted. In that sense it is a card of hope. When the Devil shows up in a reading it may indicate a reluctance or refusal to leave an unhealthy situation of dependency. It can also suggest repressed fears. Occasionally it is an invitation to break loose, adopt a devil-may-care attitude and have some fun!


Michael was the primary protecting and healing angel and thus this card can be regarded as judgement card. In the Bible he was the Defender of God’s realm against Satan in the Book of Revelation. He is also the Angel of the Lord and the Angel of the Dead, carrying deceased souls to Heaven. Michael’s function of offering a redemptive choice is the main significance of the Judgement card. He is a metaphor for a rite of passage and important change. Some sort of transition or transfiguration is required which will result in rebirth, healing, and regeneration. The card announces that this is the time for a reawakening and renewal. Out with the old self and in with the new.

Which Card are the Angel Tarot Cards Featured in?

The Wheel of Fortune The World Each angel can be seen in a corner of the cards. Raphael (Aquarius) is upper left, Gabriel (Scorpio) is the eagle, Michael (Leo) is the lion, and Uriel (Taurus) is the bull. Thus shows that angels are all around us, often in disguise, where can you find your angels in your life?

If you would like to find out more about angels and see how they are represented in your tarot reading, find out how to book an online tarot reading today.


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