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The High Priestess | Tarot Explained

High Priestess Tarot Card

As you approach your phone tarot reading with Destiny Rising it can help to understand the meaning of the cards. Here we look at The High Priestess and what the card can mean in a tarot reading.

The appearance of the High Priestess tarot card in a reading can signify that the time has come for you to listen to your intuition, instead of your intellect and conscious mind. The High Priestess depicts the Divine feminine as seen in the archetypes of Isis and Persephone. She is the mysterious female that urges us into the deep un-knowns of the self, nature and religion. Listening to our own intuition, opening our spirituality, delving into new spiritual work, meditation or prayer. The high priestess is unquestioning of her knowledge and power, she is aware of the mysteries of nature, she can tap into ancient knowledge, she understands the workings and connections between science, nature, religion and philosophy. So this card is calling for you to go inward and trust your intuition and psychic insights at this time. You may feel like you want to retreat from the outside world a little, to concentrate on your thoughts and quiet contemplation. You may feel that you are being connected to a higher source of information at this time, go with it!

You are at a stage of spiritual development whereby the need to reflect is strong. When you look at the high priestess card before you, you see her sitting on a cubic stone between two pillars at Solomons Temple. A letter ‘J’ carved on the right pillar stands for ‘Jachin’ the pillar of establishment and the letter carved on the left pillar stands for ‘Boaz’, pillar of strength. The High Priestess sits in the middle as the third pillar and the pathway between. Her message is that both pillars are equal and there is knowledge to be had in both worlds, she is the mediator between these worlds. She wears the crown of Isis which can mean that she believes in magic. The solar cross that she wears around her neck expresses her conviction to the four seasons of earth and four elements, it also lays upon her heart expressing that her heart is in entwined with the ways of nature. The mysteries of life is at the core of her knowledge.

The Crescent moon at her feet denotes in many to depictions of the Virgin Mary and means she has complete control of her emotions. It symbolises illumination, fertility, intuition, and psychic force. On the flip-side, the moon can also dwell in the darkness, so although the moon is generally about clarity of mind and heart, being too swayed by the power of the moon can lead to erratic behaviour.

The scroll that is closely guarded and cradled to her womb contains knowledge, that in the hands of those that have no respect or understanding for esoteric philosophy or the occult could be damaging, therefore she holds it and protects it with both hands, she understands that knowledge can be enlightening or damaging. Some say that the scroll is the Akashi records for every soul. The high priestess is ever on guard keeping the secrets of the scrolls until we are evolved enough to receive the knowledge that she commands.

The pomegranates and palms are symbols of immortality and the veil that they are embroidered onto represent the threshold between this world and the next.

When this card appears it suggests that you need to apply your intuition and open your eyes to the real potential of your abilities. If you have a hunch or get a feeling about anything in your life don’t ignore it, the process of believing in your inner guidance is calling to you, listen to your dreams see what they are trying to tell you. The answers to questions will be better answered by you rather than somebody else.

In a work situation this card indicates change. The realisation of your talents, a job opportunity that you wanted for so long that fits your needs perfectly. But stay out of workplace politics and gossip.

If relating to relationships this card may suggest that you or your partner needs time out, one of you may be looking for a deeper meaningful life path, or searching to find their inner peace.

If this card comes up in regard to finances, it is possible that someone might not be being completely honest with you. If you are making business decisions, make sure everything checks out, and you do not go into something without fully investigating the paperwork etc.. Trust your instincts for all may not be as it appears.

Overall this card asks you to listen to your own inner voice, to delve into the deeper spiritual resources of the universe, to seek understanding for your life and purpose. To learn how to connect with your higher power and the higher powers that be.

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