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Understanding the Suit of Pentacles

Suit of Pentacles

As we continue to explore the different tarot suits, we have already looked at the Suit of Cups and the Suit of Wands, today we look at the Suit of Pentacles. Having an understanding of the different tarot cards that may arise during your phone tarot reading can help you to further interpret your reading,. You might not be aware, but all of our phone tarot readings include a recording, so you can take the time to mull over your reading and maybe this series of blogs could help you too....

The Suit of Pentacles deal with levels of external consciousness and most closely reflect what is actually happening in your life in areas such as work, finances, creativity and health. The cards are related to what we do with our environment, how we create it, develop it and live in it.

The element associated with The Suit of Pentacles is the earth. This is a reflection of how you grow your environment from the fertile soil of the earth. Imagine that your life takes in nutrients from the ground and energy from the sun.

How Do you Interpret Pentacles Cards in a Reading?

These cards appearing in a reading are related to the material aspects of your life such as work, business, property and possessions. So with a positive outlook this translates as prosperity and from a negative perspective greed and materialism. If interpreted negatively in a reading it could be time to ground yourself by spending time in nature.

Pentacles Tarot cards are often representative of the earth astrological signs so it could be relating to a person with a Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn star sign. Generally, Pentacles people are practical, career-minded, down-to-earth and generous. They are tactile beings and like to experience the physical, tangible world. They are connected through the senses and seek pleasurable and sometimes indulgent experiences.

It a tarot reading consists predominantly of Pentacles cards, your are seeking solutions to material issues, such as finances or concerns with yoru career.

The Suit of Pentacles cards have these different meanings depending on when they are upright or reversed:

Ace of Pentacles - A new opportunity or a lost opportunity

Two of Pentacles - Very organised and prioritise or chaotic and over committed

Three of Pentacles - A great teamworker or disharmony and working alone

Four of Pentacles - Saving money or over spending

Five of Pentacles - Financial loss or recovery of money

Six of Pentacles - Giving generously or debt laden

Seven of Pentacles - Long term planner or lack or foresight

Eight of Pentacles - Mastery of repetitive skills or a perfectionist

Nine of Pentacles - Self sufficient or over worked and hustling

Ten of Pentacles - Financial security or financial loss

Page of Pentacles - Manifestation of opportunity or lack or progress

Knight of Pentacles - Hard work and discpline or feeling stuck or bored

Queen of Pentacles - Nurturing or financially self sufficient

King of Pentacles - Wealth and leadership or financially inept

If you are looking for advice in your life surrounding the issues covered in this blog then why not book a phone tarot reading with us. See if the Suit of Pentacles appears in your reading to help manifest your financial and career goals and approach the future with more purpose.


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