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Meet the Suit of Cups

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As we near the end of lockdown and start to look forward, it is easy to start to feel alot of emotions about change in our lives. So, we thought it an appropriate time to take a look at the Suit of Cups Tarot cards as they are associated with emotions, unconsious thoughts, creativity and intution. We are sure that you will agree that they are all factors that have entered our lives over the past 12 months. Who hasn't gotten abit creative to stave off the boredom?! If you are planning on booking a phone tarot reading with us, having a deeper understanding of the tarot card is always beneficial.

Another area that Suit of Cups tarot cards often cover off are relationships, romantic or friendship or anything in between. As well as looking at imagination and inner world ideas.

As you will see from the picture on this blog, the element for the suit of cups tarot cards is water, we will learn more about this as we uncover the key meanings behind the major players.

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The King of Cups

Here sits the King of Cups on his throne, with a fish shaped amulet. He is a tarot card that shows generosity, control and emotional balance. He is a creative spirit that thrives in the calm waters surrounding his throne and the fish amulet is a representation of this.

Also on this tarot card on either side of this throne is a jumping fish and a ship. This represents the emotional and material worlds that he exists in. The King of Cups teaches you to be in control of your emotions and to deal with them in a balanced manner.

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The Queen of Cups

Here sits the Queen of Cups, on her throne, on the edge of the ocean. The water lapping at her feet symbolises unconscious feelings. Her position is a clear representation that she sits between shore and sea, this translates as thoughts and feelings. Her feet never touch the water to symbolise her looking at her thoughts and feelings from the outside.

The unusual looking cup she holds, is representative of an angel. It is clearly closed showing unconscious controlled thoughts.The Queen is enjoying her time alone and taking it as a time to think.

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The Knight of Cups

We move away from the theme of the throne and see our trusty knight proudly riding a beautiful white steed, carrying a cup. He moves steadily forward demonstrating peace and calmness.

In all tarot a horse represents drive, energy and power. The white colour of this horse represents spirituality, light and purity.

Of all the knight tarot cards, the knight of cups is the most feminine. This indicates that he is in touch with his own emotions and intuition.

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The Page of Cups

Here stands the Page of Cups at the seashore, wearing a tunic decorated with a floral print holding a golden cup. The page looks surprised to see the fish peeking out of the cup and is stymied by not being able to drink from the cup.

The meaning to take from this tarot card is to be open to new ideas, especially those that are inspirational. Embrace these ideas even if they are unexpected, just think of the adventure that they could leave too. This is especially true of music or art as these are a very creative suit of tarot cards.

If you would like to discover more hidden meaning behind the cards, why not book a phone tarot card reading with Destiny Rising? We have an extensive team of experienced tarot readers waiting for your call. The best way to book a call is to call one of our operators who will guide you to find the right phone tarot reader for you and arrange for them to call you back at a mutually convenient time. Watch out for The Suit of Cups in your reading, is inspiration in you next journey?


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