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How to Make Tarot a Part of Your Everyday Life

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

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In periods of calm I love to make tarot reading a part of my everyday life. Often at the start of the year I start my resolution with daily readings. I love to draw a card each morning, I spend a few moments considering it, but it is with me for the rest of the day, to help me with everyday decisions. Keeping my tarot reading going in times of stress is another challenge altogether!

Reading your cards daily are a brilliant way of checking in with yourself, as a way of learning more about your cards, as a journalling exercise, a practice in observation, a way of developing an understanding of how tarot cards can mirror our day-to-day lives. It’s a lovely simple tarot practice that anyone can do.

But don't get caught up in the routine, you want to make time for yourself and when trying to squeeze everything else, the stress can cause more damage than good. Go with the flow and make your tarot readings a harmonious part of your day and life.

Here's my thoughts on how to start your tarot practice...

Think about how you want to draw your tarot card. Do you just grab one as you are passing, or is it a quiet considered process during a mediative moment. Find the way that suits you and don't get hung up on the little things. Try and do it at the same time everyday, so you can be in a similar frame of mind. Whatever you do, remember you are creating a ritual, time for you.

Set a timer for three/five/ten minutes and free-write about your card. Whatever comes out of your pen is fine, don’t overthink it or control it.

Spend some time with your card and if you meditate, incorporate your thoughts into your meditation routine.

Take a photo of your card and keep it with you all day. You could even make it the wallpaper on your phone. Contemplate it during the day, think about how the card creates a bridge between today and tomorrow, consider your energy levels and how this card relates to your current situation. Which symbol on the card resonates with you the most and who does it make you think of.

If you don't have a deck of cards, why not use an app. There are loads on the market and they can help you with more meaning about the origins of the tarot cards.

Get social with your card. Share your card and your thoughts and build up a supportive community.

If you want to find out more and develop your tarot reading skills, you could always join one of our classes.

If you need more answers why not book an online tarot reading with one of our phone tarot readers.


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