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Fairyglass and the Carbon Club

Lots of you will know that we are always trying our best to supply fair trade and environmental friendly products and items that are sourced by our suppliers from around the globe, that help small family business survive. Some of our suppliers are non profit making, giving all of their proceeds to families and children that are living in poverty around the world, which I have highlighted in the past.

So it’s always a pleasure to report to you when one of our suppliers lets us know what they are up to, to do their bit for the planet.

This is an email from ‘fairyglass’ that supply us with lots of our fairy products and gifts. It’s great for us at Destiny Rising to know that we are passing on products to you that are greatly lessening carbon emissions and be able report when our manufactures are making these kind of changes to their businesses.

Well done Fairyglass!

Love to all Dana x

Email from Fairyglass...

Fairy Glass

David Attenborough's a wonderful man, isn't he? He's probably done more to highlight the impact of climate change than all our politicians put together. He certainly made us think about our footprint, with the result that in 12 month's time our business will be very different from how it was a year ago. The BIG news immediately is that we are now a carbon neutral business, certified by Forest Carbon. We've calculated our CO2 emissions, including our shipping emissions from around the world which, surprisingly, we're not obliged to account for, and we've committed to planting enough native trees in sustainable, managed UK new woodlands to cover our emissions for the year. Over the year we'll be working at reducing our emissions overall, but we'll continue to plant the same number of trees annually, so in 12 months' time we should be carbon negative (we'll remove more carbon than we produce). While we're on this subject, over the course of the year you'll see a reduction in our use of plastics on our products. Where we use plastic packaging on our own ranges, we'll aim to switch all of it to cardboard or other alternatives by the end of the year. Where plastic packaging is used in ranges that we distribute, we're working with the brands and factories to reduce these also. You may already be aware that we recycle 99% of our waste cardboard as void fill for the boxes we send you, and these boxes are already once used so we don't use any new cardboard here at all. We switched earlier this year to paper tape for the boxes and all our other packaging materials will move to paper, card or biodegradable within the next 2 months. If you've questions, or comments on how we can improve this area further, please let us know.

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