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A Beginners Guide to Crystals


Crystals are not just some new age find that has suddenly evolved. They have been around for centuries, bringing us their gifts of healing in so many ways. Elevating the body, mind and spirit of dysfunction and sometimes disease, helping to balance and ground us, dispersing negative energies within and around us, as well as drawing in the positive, energetic aspects that we need.

How beautiful and clever they are!

They work with us in so many magikal ways – through conscious intent and amazingly, sometimes without! They can help to alleviate so many conditions, with stress being one of them.

To some scientifically minded folk, this might sound out of the ordinary or perfectly ridiculous; but you might find that mother earth has more up her sleeve than you could have imagined. So lets get scientific for a second, before you give up on our earthly treasures… I often find myself recalling this very information when speaking with people in my shop who are contemplating buying a crystal or want to know more about them.

Quartz can be found in watches, radios, weather equipment and even in early computers, not to mention Nasa’s electronics. The smoke detectors now required by law to be placed in all homes, credited with saving countless lives are an end result of a technology originally developed for Nasa’s early 1970’s Skylab spacecraft.

Quartz timing crystals, which have led to the current status quo in wristwatches and small clocks, were first developed for Nasa as a highly accurate, lightweight and durable timing device for the lunar based Apollo spacecraft.

It is said that quartz uses vibrational energies to interact with out Auras, they are conductive and contain energy waves of light. Metals like iron and copper are also electronically conductive.

You can check out all of this scientific info on the net, there is quite a lot about it.

So, lets talk about a few of my favourites…

Smokey Quartz

I often reach for Smokey quartz when people are suffering from mood swings or depression. It really helps to balance feelings of imbalance, caused by too much stress, low energy or complete burn out! It absorbs and dissolves negative energy; it really is an anchoring crystal. It not only dispels worries, it alleviates fears and helps those suffering from insomnia, another a symptom of stress and provides emotional, as well as physical support

It’s truly a calming force and a comforter for anyone dealing with life’s pressures.

It is said to block geopathic stress , electromagnetic fallout and, replaces its negative energy with positive vibration. A really great crystal for grounding you into the earth when your feeling too much in your head with endless inner chatter. It resonates with the base chakra and can cleanse and revitalise this important flow of energy.

The best way to use this crystal for stress is to hold a stone in each hand and sit quietly for a while. Carry it with you in your pocket, or if you are female, (I tell my customers to) pop it in their bra – or of course you can get a pendant to wear.

Rose Quartz

The stone of gentle love… This awesome, soft pink crystal can’t help but woo you with its gentle energy. Its known to stroke the heart of any emotional wounds. As well as bringing peacefulness and calm to the wearer, it brings the same to relationships too, hence its nickname ‘Love Stone’.

It emits a harmony to those who have been in crisis or who’s lives have become frenetic and unbalanced, smoothing this chaotic energy into order. It’s message is be gentle with yourself. It pushes away any negativity and replaces it with gentle feelings and thoughts of self love, which are very important if we have been down on ourselves. It has a rejuvenating effect on mind and body, which is just the ticket when stress has us in its clutches. Its a fantastic stress buster, but it doesn’t stop there!

It’s known as the crystal of the heart energy centre, so of course its said to be good for the correct functioning of the heart itself. It’s helpful for the lungs and bronchial area if placed on the thymus. It can also help support the adrenal glands and kidneys and is said to be a crystal that can help to draw love into your life.

Carry it, wear it, or make an elixir with it.


Amethyst is revered as the great all rounder! It’s a well respected crystal for stress as it helps your energy to feel less scattered and is said to brings balance to the immune system and hormone production. It is also said to strengthen and cleanse the organs, the blood and the circulatory system. It’s also used to help support those who have addictive natures, especially to alcohol.

Amethyst is useful in dispelling rage, fear, impatience, grief, anxiety and anger. It’s said to be a pain relief for emotional and physical pain and particularly arthritic conditions.

Amethyst is powerful when it comes to helping us transform our thoughts and feelings beyond all that consumes us. It can touch us deeply to initiate trust, allowing us to take the first steps into wholeness, leaving the fray behind.

Yes, it takes us to the edge of it’s radiant purple light to receive healing if we are ready to allow it…

Wear, carry and place it under your pillow or make an elixir with it and know that you have a caring companion by your side.


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