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Anti Ageing from Essentially Yours

Hi All of our Destiny Gods and Goddess’s,

I wrote some time ago about the beautiful facial oils by ‘Essentially Yours’.

They are right up my street for sure and I know that most of you are also advocates of ditching anything chemical or loaded with preservatives. Often hard to find really effective alternatives though. But this is it for me, so I’m very excited to share!

This little video by John, the co founder of this company will explain why oils work so much better for our skin, whether it’s for anti ageing, sensitive skin, or you have any kind of skin condition.

Facial Oils

Our organically derived Facial Oils have been tested in labs and shown to contain the highest levels of antioxidant benefits. But, aren't anti-ageing creams usually better? watch our video demonstration to learn why an oil is superior...

This company have developed the most amazing range for skin, hair and body, that can effectively make such a difference to your skin, completely naturally using pure plant and essential oils and still with uva protection built in... naturally!

These oils contain no nasties and are of the purest grade. There is also a men’s range.

And best of all they do low cost samples, so that you can try before you buy.

This is the link to take you there:

And if you decide to purchase please use the discount code below at checkout for 10% off:


Love Dana x


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