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How Tarot Can Take you into 2020?

tarot reading

As we head into 2020, do you feel in control of your life goals? Can you feel that new year energy swirling around you? At this time of year we feel under pressure to create change in our life, acknowledge our weaknesses and look at our strengths and how to build on them.

Everyone loves to make a New Year's Resolution, but how do you make it meaningful, relevant and stick to it. This is where tarot can help. Resolutions often come in two ways either what should I stop doing, or what should I do more of. Tarot cards can be really helpful to give you perspective on these two paths. Reviewing the cards quietly on your own can help, or get a unique perspective from a tarot reader.

Ask yourself how you feel about 2020, are you looking to take this year to a new level? Do you need to focus on yourself and your life goals. So how do you get this perspective? The tarot cards are here for you.

Tarot cards can help you to clarify your goals, whether they are new or existing. They could also bring into perspective things you haven't considered before. How about starting with a simple tarot card spread to help you to reflect on 2019.

Draw three cards and consider as follows:

tarot reading

Card one tells you what to reflect upon

Card two, what might you leave behind?

Card three, what can you build on?

Alternatively, you could draw 12 cards at the start of the year and use them to think about the energies around you each month. There are lots of ways to approach this you can draw the 12 tarot cards and look at them together in relation to each month, or only review on a monthly basis. How about keeping a diary or journal so that you can see how you are processing your thoughts and emotions and to give you an idea of how 2020 is progressing, see if things are transpiring how you expects and consider any new insights you might discover. You are utilising the energies around the start of the New Year to build on your entire year.

Allow the tarot card to inspire you into 2020. You may have had a hard 2019 and want to understand what needs to change to improve your life goals, or if things have gone your way, how can you continue this trend? Whatever your goal our tarot readers are here for you.

Once you have thought on and contemplated your 2020 goals and resolutions, why not give one of our phone tarot readers a call. Our tarot readers are ready and waiting at the end of the phone and will able to further guide you on your 2020 resolutions to help you to achieve your goals in life. Simply call us on 0800 067 3617 and our phone operators will guide you to find the right tarot reader for you.


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