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So what are the Major Arcana Tarot Cards all about? Well it’s all about the bigger picture!

Major Arcana Tarot Cards

This section of the Tarot cards represent the important themes that are the major influences in your life. Life lessons, karma, your souls journey to enlightenment. The Major Arcana are made up of 21 numbered cards and one unnumbered card the Fool.

The Fool

The fool is not as it sounds, about being silly or foolish, it’s about the risk factor inherent in youth, but which we can also take at any age in life. It’s about being open hearted, being fearless and not allowing the ‘what ifs’ to deter us from taking a risk. It’s about trusting yourself to take a step into the unknown depicted in the card, by the fool about to fearlessly step off of the cliff edge. It’s also about newness in general, new beginnings that have a deeper spiritual meaning in terms of your inner self. The fool is telling you that a fresh start is on the way and that could be in any area of your life. The Fool is traditionally both the first and the last card of the Major Arcana. The complete deck of the Major Arcana together comprises the fools journey through life. If you study the picture, The Fool is almost shouting look at me, I’m cock sure of myself and my journey, I’m going to follow my heart, I have unshakable faith, even though I’m standing on the edge of a cliff. I will go forward in the knowledge that I have my little white dog to protect me and everything I need in this bundle on my shoulder to support me on this journey and the White Rose of my purist desires.” Tally Ho!

The Magician

The Magician is also known as the Magnus. It’s the first card of the Major Arcana. The Magician symbolises fresh starts and is goal orientated, he can use his skills and initiative to accomplish his goals as well as his own ability to manifest his desires. There he is in the picture looking decisive, ready for action. He is not being reckless, he has honed his skills, self mastery, power and knowledge. Above his head is the infinity symbol of new and never ending possibilities, eternity and empowerment. With one hand up, clutching his double ended wand and the other hand down, he directs a pure channel of spiritual wisdom from above and below, he is keeping open his ability to channel two way universal energy, to be creative on the material plane. He channels energy and directs it to the physical plane. The Magician is also associated with the planet Mercury, which carries with it, skill logic and intellect. This card reminds us that we have more power available to us to change our circumstances and tap into our unlimited potential. Around his waist is the serpent also known as Uroboros, swallowing its own tail, symbolic of cycles and eternity and the power of reinvention. As a snake sheds its skin to find a new shiny one underneath, then a message to us, that we can also change and reinvent ourselves, shed our old skin and grow a new one!

The white Lilies and red Roses at the magicians feet or around the table depending on which tarot deck you’re looking at are beautiful and entwined, representing psychic integrity and human passion, a recipe for creative beauty. On the table are the four suits of the tarot deck representing the four elements: Earth:- coins or pentacles. Air:- swords or blades. Fire:-wands or staffs. Water:- cups or chalices.

The magician knows that he is the master of these tools and that he has everything he needs to live the best life available. He’s not a slave to circumstance. Be it about love, business or your career the Magician tells us that this is the time for positive change and making decisions that can make a difference.

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In Joy!

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Dana x

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