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How Can Tarot Help at The Summer Solstice

summer solstice tarot reading

Here at Destiny Rising our phone tarot readers are always very in tune with the moon cycles and how they affect a tarot reading. We love to stay connected to the power of the moon, but the solstice and equinox are just as powerful and connected to the moon cycles. The Summer and Winter Solstice are key moments of the year and create a unique opportunity to tarot readings.

With the Summer Solstice fast approaching, here are some thoughts for how to make the most of a tarot reading with Destiny Rising.

A tarot reading for any reason at this time of year can give you some amazing outcomes as you harness the power of the solstice. So, think carefully about what you want to ask your reader and how you can approach the outcomes of your reading.

With the heat and warmth of the summer sun, use this time to reflect on what you have achieved this year and give yourself the praise you deserve. Avoid beating yourself up about what went wrong and focus on the positives. This can help to give you the clarity of where you want to be heading over the next 12 months. Is there anything holding you back or something you need to let go of to move forward? Then visualise how that life will look and how you will get there.

Asking yourself those questions will give you the clarity to see what questions you would like answered by one of our phone tarot readers.

Love is one of the biggest questions that we get asked and a love tarot reading could hold the answers you are looking for. Whether you are looking for love or wondering if your current partner is still the right person to take you into the future, we could have the answers you are looking for. We have found that during lockdown, love tarot readings have been essential for many of our clients. When you can't socialise in the normal way you might need more help and support with your love life. Additional pressures could be put on your relationship, or maybe as your life has changed who you want to share your life with has too.

As the Summer Solstice is an important time to review your life, career is one of the biggest aspects of most people's lives. Whilst working from home for the past year are you struggling to see where your career is headed? Is it right for you? Has working from home made you review your career choices? Are you ready for a career path change or maybe a new location? You can book a specialist career tarot reading and our expert tarot readers can guide you.

There are so many questions to ask at this powerful time of year of your tarot reader. So take the time to review and consider and maybe write down the answers you are looking for. When you call us at Destiny Rising to book your tarot reading, our phone advisors can find the right tarot reader for you. So having a clear idea of what you are looking for can really help you to get to the right reader. Finding the right tarot reader can mean that you build up a rapport with them and book follow up calls to review your readings and look towards the future.

At Destiny Rising, we send you all blessings and love and light over the Sumer Solstice.


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