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Refresh and Review with the Pink Supermoon

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On the 27th April we prepare ourselves for a pink super moon. Called this as it reflects the lovely pink flowers of spring time such as phlox, although it might not actually be pink. You should be able to view the super moon all night of the 27th, but it will be closest to the Earth at 04:31.

Beautiful to look at, but a full moon can also be thought of as change instigators, sending out all of its energy can shine a light on changes that you need to make in your life.

A super moon can be an amazingly powerful time to book a tarot reading whereby you can harvest all of that powerful energy into a reading. Or, if that feels like too much pressure, use the eve of the super moon to review your emotions and devise some questions to ask your tarot reader at a more convenient time. It's a great way to approach a tarot reading when you have an idea of the questions that you would like answered. The super moon could be the key to unlocking the questions. This will also help you when you call up our phone team as they can quickly find the perfect telephone tarot reader for you.

Have you thought of how a full moon shines on you leaving you to feel all of that delicious energy? You could think of it as a light shining on you, helping all of your secrets to come tumbling out. The full moon comes out after the sun, the ruler of your external self, and can bring out a side of your internal self that maybe even you weren't aware. The energy of a full moon forces you to face up to these facts and look for ways to resolve them, if they are harming you.

This super moon, is the first of 2021 and will be a beautiful pink. It is taking place during Scorpio and this is a water sign that connects to things unseen, can you see where we're going with this? Scorpio is also the sign of creation and destruction, both of which have to lead to creation and transformation. As well as Scorpio, this moon squares off with Saturn, which is said to place obstacles in your path, but don't despair as Mars is here too to give you the courage to push on through.

The best thing to remember after the feeling of scrutiny and pressure a full moon can leave you with is that change is opening you up to new and exciting possibilities. So why not discover these with a phone tarot reading in the comfort of your own home. With hundreds of readers to choose from, we can harness the power of the super moon for you.

Lucky us, we will get another super moon in May, so if you don't get the answers you are looking for in April, keep those questions close to your heart and try again next month.

We are waiting for your call 24/7, here to help you with your phone tarot readings.


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