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The Chakras and Crystals


Here at Destiny Rising HQ we are working on some exciting developments with our jewellery range. It's not just tarot reading for us. So if you can't get down to the shop, this will be exciting for you. So all this exciting work has gotten us thinking about chakras and crystals, so here's our thoughts on how chakras influence our lives.

The word Chakra translates from Sanskrit.

Chakras are energy points of the subtle body. They are depicted as Wheels of spinning light or vortexes, each one has a colour. There are many chakras working in the body as well as above and below the physical body. But the main ones are known as the seven chakras which align with the spine and resonate with certain feelings, emotions and can even influence our physical health.

Everything in our lives influences our energy and energy centres in our subtle body. The chakras organise and maintain a healthy flow of this energy. If the chakras are balanced and nurtured, the body feels energetic, centred, aligned, and grounded. If not they can become unbalanced and blocked leading to exhaustion and even illness physically and emotionally.

Many situations, emotions and people or places can effect these energy centres. Our Chakras are very sensitive to energy and what we are feeling. Energy is all around us and interacts with ours. How often do we feel overwhelmed and tired after we’ve been in a busy environment, say a shopping centre or crowded place or we feel drained after being with a certain person. How often do we pick up on the energy in an old building and its history, or know when there’s

an angry person in the room. We feel these things energetically. In the opposing way that we feel peaceful in certain places, maybe places of worship or a temple or places where gentle calming energy is present.

So to bring about balance, crystals have been used for centuries to align these energy centres. Certain crystals work better than others for supporting the Chakras, due to their specific vibration. So it’s rather lovely to know that we can support and protect our subtle energies by wearing a piece of jewellery that holds a specific collection of crystals for this purpose in this frenetic busy environment that we all live in.

More about the Seven Chakras

The Root or Base chakra (Muladhara) is Red and located at the perineum. It is said to govern our basic survival instincts and connects you to the Earth. It basically corresponds to our very

foundations of being. The Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) is orange and located three fingers

down from your navel, it is said to govern your emotional and creative energies, connection to others and sexuality.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) is yellow and is located just under the sternum .It’s all about your energy, emotions, confidence and sense of control.

The Heart Chakra (Anahata) located In the heart centre this energy is all about love and relationships it’s depicted by the colour green but can also be depicted by rose pink.

The Throat Chakra (Vishudha) is blue and it’s all about your ability to communicate and speak your truth.

The Third Eye or Brow Chakra (Ajna) Is Indigo and it represents your spirituality, intuition and helps you focus.

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) is at the top of the head. It represents our highest spiritual connection. It’s also about understanding and wisdom. The colour is usually violet but can be represented by white also.

We hope that this helps and leaves you with peace and love in your life. If you have any other questions in your life, why not give one of our amazing telephone tarot readers a call.


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