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The Empress - Tarot Explained

The Empress Tarot Card

When the Empress appears in a reading she’s inviting you to connect with the beauty within yourself and the beauty of the world. She is a loving caring, nurturing energy embodying the energy of a mother and indeed the energy of great mother Earth. Spend time in nature, get your bare feet in the soil and connect with mother Earth herself!

The Empress is the child bearer, the supporter, the Divine mother of fertility, ruled by Venus, planet of love, harmony, beauty, creativity and peace. The Empress asks you to connect with your own deepest level of femininity and creative expression. Expressing joy in the physical, emotional and also spiritual, which is in evidence by the radiant yellow of the sky in the tarot card. She is surrounded by a rich lavish landscape, embodying her gifts of divine beauty and abundance.

There she sits on her stone thrown padded with luxurious red cushions, indicative of the fact that she is leaning on her passionate nature and could be ready to create new forms of abundance in her life.

She wears a white flowing gown decorated with pomegranates, a symbol of fertility. On her head she wears her crown of 12 stars representing the zodiac, denoting that the Empress is the Queen of the heavens. At the side of her throne there lies the heart shaped shield, embellished with the symbol of planet Venus, ruler of love, beauty and art.

She rests one hand on her knees while raising a golden sceptre with the other hand, a symbol of power, independence, authority and conscious empowerment. In the background of this card is an abundance of trees which again relate to fertility and abundance. On the right of the card we see a waterfall, interpreted as a means to cleanse the soul. The presence of water in the tarot is a common trait of the suit of cups, relating to emotions, love and relationships. The wheat in the foreground signifies the accomplishment of her aims, it also represents charity.

So all in all a nourishing image. The Empress has no shortage of luxuries in the material world. She exudes beauty and femininity. The Empress and the High Priestess are the two half’s of the female archetype in the major arcana.

The Empress reigns over the bounty of nature and the rhythms of the Earth. She is a symbol of new life in all its forms. She offers a cornucopia of lavish delights, especially those of material rewards and abundance, especially those that please the senses. Embrace all of this, but remember to be generous and kind and keep an open loving spirit. Too often these delights can create shallowness in a person, so keep your feet firmly planted in the earth and lets not forget our roots!

In a reading the Empress can also point to any part of motherhood, an individual mother, or the creation of life as a mother. Depending on the other suits around the Empress, it could reveal an actual pregnancy or the birth of something else in your life.

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Dana Morgan


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