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Wesak Moon

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

wesak moon

May is upon us with its promise of warmer days and our beloved earth is making ready to bloom!

A most powerful full moon is also with us today offering up its flow of guidance and wisdom. Receive this transmission by sitting in peace and stillness. Open your heart to the divine and listen…

Hear the communication that will be offered to you this day, remain present and feel the presence of this beautiful full moon vibration.

Be open to receive the blessings and clarity and direction for your spiritual growth for the year ahead.

Let us offer up our intentions for love and goodness to flow from our hearts to every soul on our planet and seep deeply into the soil where our Mother Earth resides and collectively, let us visualise a world where harmony, peace, truth and wisdom restore the balance that we so dearly desire and need.

With Love Dana ♥️


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