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Your Personal Guardian Angel


I love the Angels, they are always on my side doing what they can to help not only me but you too. No matter what your belief is, or where you live in the world, they are there by your side 24 hours every day.

Bless them.. They love us unconditionally…No matter what we do, where we go our angels are alongside every step of the way.

The unseen army…their weapons are unconditional love. They try so hard to catch your attention. Sometimes throwing symbolic bricks at you to stop you in your tracks. You know…when you are doing too much, or worrying, stressed, eating, and drinking all the yummy…but not helpful foods that are not good for you. Taking risks with your health, doing things you definitely know are harmful. The Angels are talking to you through your intuition, warning you. Believe me…they really try hard to get you to listen.

Think on this.. the earth has evolved, with Mother Nature providing for all of us. Water, seeds, food, etc. Alongside are the angelic ones, who help us in other ways. Yes.. It is hard to believe in something that you cannot see. Yet there are so many things in life that you cannot see, yet take for granted that they are there.

Please try to give some time and thought in how you can connect to your guardian angel so that they can help you. I have…

After all…mine has taken the trouble to nag me to write to you, on behalf of all the angels who try so hard to make contact with their human friends.

And we can never have enough loving friends, especially angelic ones who look after our well being.

Angels are pure light, energy, sometimes you may catch a fleeting glance of a small blue, or white light. That’s your angel saying “hello.”

Finding a white feather, hearing a special song when you feel sad, your favourite numbers seem to appear time and time again. A friend or relative may ring to say they have been thinking about you. Each one of us have something meaningful that catches our attention. Tell your angel what yours is..then be on the lookout for your personal confirmation that the angels are listening.

Also you can make a spiritual appointment with the angels. Maybe you need to ask them about something very important, or help with healing. In this way they have time to come to you collectively.

You can do the same thing to cleanse your home of any negativity. Make the appointment, on a certain day and time, they will help you clear out negative or stale thought patterns.

Open all doors cupboards… Either chime, ring a bell, hold a candle, smudge a sage stick, there are various ways..keep it simple. Around all the ceilings and also around each room, open spaces, cupboards etc.. Asking that all negativity be sent to the universe to be transmitted into a positive light. Don’t forget to say “thank you.”

Some people are blessed and able to see their angelic friend and guardian. I am fortunate in being able to paint an impression of their likeness, as have many inspired artists throughout the centuries.

Many of us race through life, unaware, not listening or paying attention to the positive and protective guidance our guardian angels give us. All of it is for the better, and costs you nothing but your time to listen.

Next time you need a parking space…ask the angels…and be positive you will find one.

“Dear parking angel so full of grace please can help me to find a space.” Don’t forget to say “thank you.”



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