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The Popularity of Astrology Continues to Grow

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

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In these times of uncertainty, we are definitely seeing a rise in the interest in astrology. When we can't see a way a head using astrology or a phone psychic reading can be a great way to see your future. It's something that people have turned to over the centuries in turbulent times, and that is definitely a good description for what we are living though now.

Since the pandemic the interest in astrology has been booming. With face to face psychic readings unavailable alot of people turned to phone psychic readings. These clients came for many different reasons. Maybe they had lost a loved one to Covid and were looking for closure. Or in many cases the pandemic had made them review their life and career choices, and they were looking for guidance on a new direction. Others are just looking around for more information and knowledge while spending more time at home. One psychic said that people were forced to stay in one place, reflect on their lives and think about where their lives are headed.

Instagram has also been a great driver in the renewed interest in astrology. With a great many posts on a myriad of different areas, providing an interesting and accessible approach to discover more. Whilst many posts on Tik Tok are bringing the spiritual world to an even younger age group, continuing to get more involved in our world. There are also games and apps available to bring a reading, literally to the palm of your hand. The younger generation finds that astrology is an intriguing way of looking at the world. It is far less dogmatic than religion, which is its primary appeal. Astrology has traditionally been used as a bridge between the scientific and the religious because it seems to be a practical middle ground.

People are desperate to find meaning and patterns in this life, especially with the considerable uncertainties in the world where we’re stuck at the moment without much to do. Astrology inherently follows planetary cycles, so it aids the reader or the client see some patterns in the past that have already occurred, similar to what is happening now. This repeating pattern certainly gives comfort to some.

A great way to start out and discover more about astrology and readings is to book one of our phone psychic readings. Our team of dedicated psychics can talk you through a reading and set you on a path to true enlightenment. Astrology can allow you time for instrospection and to discover your 'inner being'.

A reading can provide alot of comfort and can allow you to make sense of things around you. But remember to use a psychic reading as part of your coping toolset and continue to look around you for other ways to navigate the world around you. Some people even consider talking to a psychic medium as a therapy session because most of the topics discussed are very intimate and private. Some astrologers are good at this because they want to get to the root cause of something bad or ugly to assist their clients to make sense of their world.

As 2022 continues to be a time of turbulence, without even knowing who is leading our country, a psycgic reading could be what you are looking for. Why not look at one of our online tarot readers today and we will find the right reader to you to take you into 2023 and beyond.


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