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Welcome to Autumn with the September Equinox

autumn equinox

Following the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd September, is now a good time for psychic reflection. Increasingly people choose to review the year in September as a time of new beginnings, with the start of the school year and the end of summer. So how can you review your life choices and look and the changes and improvements you wish to make in your life?

Tarot and psychic readings can be really powerful tools here to review your life goals. Or maybe you know that something needs to change, but you just aren't sure what it is. Our team of diverse and experienced telephone psychic readers are waiting at the end of the phone for your call. You might have specific questions prepared, or you might be looking for spiritual guidance.

Apart from the days and nights being the same length, how else can you recognise the Autumn Equinox?

Consider Your Resolutions

Reflect and review the year to date and what your goals are for the next 12 months. Write down your achievements and your desires for the future. Is it love, career or family? All specialisms of our fantastic psychic readers as well as more.

Celebrate the Pumpkin

The origin of pumpkins on your doorstep come from the pagan tradition of Autumnal Equinox altars. Not from pesky children begging for sweets! Placing a pumpkin or squash or maybe a wreath on your doorstep allows you to embrace the changing season and welcome the winter. Don't wait until Halloween, plus they make a lovely display. Embrace the spirit of change.

Listen to Yourself

Love and tune into yourself, what is your inner voice telling you? Maybe you need to slow down abit more, or really appreciate the time that you can spend outdoors in the fading sunshine. Consider a clear out, in the past this would allow you space for your winter provisions.

The Autumn equinox is celebrated in many different ways around the world, from druids meeting at Stonehenge to a Chinese harvest festival

However you chose to honour the Autumn Equinox, don't let it pass you by. Consider your past and your future and what your needs are. Make it a time for you. Our psychic readers are waiting for you to guide you forwards.


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